Meet Twitter’s @RVP who is most definitely not RVP


(Image via BBC News)

In a classic case of misidentity, thousands of Manchester United fans who wished to congratulate Robin Van Persie on his hat trick and first Premier League title over the weekend sent their flattering messages to the twitter account of @rvp.

Only problem: @rvp belongs to 52-year old Indian IT consultant Ravi Visvesvaraya Sharada Prasad, or in other words, definitely not Robin van Persie.

The mix-up makes sense given that a majority of fans know Van Persie by his initials, RVP. However, to Prasad it has become a nuisance. He attempted to make his plight known with a message to the masses a month ago:


Unfortunately, the tweet backfired. What was meant to detract tweeters from his account instead spurred fans to retweet his tweets and jokingly praise him for his “contributions” to Manchester United’s season. All in all, Prasad says he has had over 10,000 mentions in the 24-hour span after United clinched the title.

Only makes us wonder: why hasn’t he changed his account name?  Does he secretly like the attention? He certainly has gained popularity, having amassed over 3,600 followers. Not bad for an IT consultant in India!

By the way, Robin van Persie’s correct Twitter handle is @Persie_Official