Motor mouth!


Paul Cox may not be the world’s best-known manager, but he probably owns the fanciest car. The coach of Mansfield Town, a team in the fifth tier of English football, masterminded an 8-1 victory against Conference rival Barrow on Saturday, a result which impressed chairman John Radford so much it persuaded him to part with his Aston Martin! Radford said: “It’s my old Aston Martin, so it’s not brand new. It’s a couple of years old.” The car, best known as James Bond’s car of choice, is worth around £80,000 and has been fitted with personalized registration plate MT51 COX. Nice. Mansfield, known as The Stags, are sixth in the Conference table. We wonder what Cox will receive if he gets Mansfield promoted to the Football League again? Any thoughts?   


Luis Suarez is at it again! The Liverpool goal-scoring machine saved the Reds from quite the FA Cup upset on Sunday, but he did so with a handball! The goal put Liverpool up 2-0 over Mansfield and, to the dismay of all those rooting for the underdog Stags, eventually held up as the difference.

On the one side, Suarez has once again drawn himself into a controversy and is being highly criticized for “cheating.” Then again, can you really blame Suarez for a referee team’s unforgivable blown call? Should he have asked to annul the goal? What do you guys think?