Tim Howard shows epic defense again as he blocks a hug from a fan

Tim Howard has become something of a national hero after his unbelievable string of saves ensured the USA came out of the World Cup with their heads held high.
Memes, a petition to the White House and phone calls from Barack Obama - just some of the hullabaloo surrounding Howard’s heroics.
The Everton and US keeper returned to Los Angeles to an excited mob of fans at LAX. He seemed happy to pose for photos and sign autographs, but one male fan decided to go too far and dive in for the hug. Just as at the World Cup, Howard denied the man access.

Trecker’s Travels: London’s rare moment of brightness



On Tuesday, the sun was out and underneath my flat window, Hollywood had broken out. A camera crew was at one end of Inverness Street, at the other stood a man I recognized from Doctor Who: James Corden.

For a moment, I thought Los Angeles might have followed me over here but then I realized that all the people crowded around him has been rounded up off the streets. Those were not extras playing schoolgirls, cops and street-sweepers — they were schoolgirls, cops and street-sweepers (London’s public worker rules must very liberal indeed). A good hour and a half went by while they rolled off shot after shot as I watched from above. Some of the cast started waving up to me and I waved back. A girl asked for a bottle of water, I chucked one down.

I won’t spoil the plot, but it is apparently part of a campaign for Cadbury over here, and might have a bit to do with the return of the cult-classic comedy “Gavin and Stacey.” I only know this because their social media team tweeted at me about it.

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David Beckham trains with LA Galaxy, shows potential

It looks like global icon David Beckham decided to go kick around with the LA Galaxy — not like he has much to do these days. The now-retired 38-year-old returned to Los Angeles and trained with the team on Wednesday.

Galaxy coach Bruce Arena joked with the media after training when asked about Beckham, saying:

"On trial. He’s on trial," Arena said. "He’s got to work on his crossing, on his passing a little bit. If he can get better in those areas, we would consider signing him."

Touché, Bruce. The lad looks like he’s got some potential!


Steve Nash to test soccer skills with Inter Milan tryout


It is no secret that Los Angeles Lakers star Steve Nash is a soccer fanatic. He grew up playing it, watching it and even now in his free time trains with clubs and hosts charity tournaments. Heck, he’s even part of the Vancouver Whitecaps ownership group.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the NBA star is going to have a tryout on Tuesday with Inter Milan. The Italian club is in the United States for the Guinness International Champions Club tournament.

Nash told The Associated Press that he’s working his way back to 100 percent physically after enduring an injury-filled year this past season with the Lakers. This is more of stunt than actual tryout, but apparently Nash still has some butterflies ahead of the practice, saying he’ll probably be nervous just sharing the field with Inter Milan.

But he really doesn’t have anything to be nervous about. Nash has got some serious soccer skills:

Don’t worry Steve, you’ll be just fine.