David Luiz meet…Davi Luis? Wait, really?

Now, we all know who David Luiz is, right? The tall, gangly Brazilian rock with the bouncy afro at the heart of the Chelsea defense. Okay. So put your hand up if you’ve heard of Davi Luis; the tall, gangly, Brazilian rock with the bouncy afro at the heart of the Galicia defense.


Yep, you heard, and from the picture above, you’ve seen right. David Luiz has his very own doppleganger! Not only do the two sport the same trademark Sideshow Bob look, they’re both central defenders from Brazil and have almost identical names. Unreal!

Understandably, we aren’t the only ones to spot the uncanny resemblance according to the 19-year-old. According to Luis himself:

”I do not know him (Luiz). Only from the television. Everywhere I go people say I look like him. Everyone talks to me about it. Who knows, maybe one day we will play together?! I’m left-footed. He is right-footed. It would be a great partnership!”

Well, that combination would certainly confuse attackers (and everyone else) around the world.

(H/T 101GG)


We love this little snippet from outside Camp Nou. These supporters were waiting for ages in the hope of getting a glimpse of their new hero Neymar, but found the next best thing instread - a lookalike! The youngster was given a special reception by the fans. May we suggest a different haircut in future?