Italian announcer likens Michael Bradley to Lex Luthor


Michael Bradley and Lex Luthor: separated at birth?

You can see the resemblance, can’t you? Italian soccer announcer Carlo Zampa clearly does, as he loudly referred to Bradley as “LEX LUTHOR!” several times after the USMNT star scored the game-winner for AS Roma against Udinese this weekend. Listen in, and keep scrolling down to see the goal itself:

Roma improved to 9-0-0 with the win, setting a new Serie A record for best start to a season, while it was Bradley’s first goal of the season in his first game back since suffering an ankle injury in early September. An exciting moment for both club and player, and most certainly for Carlo Zampa.


David Luiz and Thiago Silva baby look-alikes are blowing up on twitter



Can you see the startling resemblance?

This picture of two unknown little guys has been making the rounds on social media today, and it’s not hard to see why: the two boys look exactly like min-versions of the formidable duo in Brazil’s central defense: David Luiz and Thiago Silva!

Sure, Luiz is an easy call; you could practically take any little kid with Sideshow Bob hair and make the connection to the Chelsea man. But what about Silva? The facial expression of “baby Thiago” is absolutely on point!

Even Ronaldo circulated the picture on Twitter today:

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David Luiz meet…Davi Luis? Wait, really?

Now, we all know who David Luiz is, right? The tall, gangly Brazilian rock with the bouncy afro at the heart of the Chelsea defense. Okay. So put your hand up if you’ve heard of Davi Luis; the tall, gangly, Brazilian rock with the bouncy afro at the heart of the Galicia defense.


Yep, you heard, and from the picture above, you’ve seen right. David Luiz has his very own doppleganger! Not only do the two sport the same trademark Sideshow Bob look, they’re both central defenders from Brazil and have almost identical names. Unreal!

Understandably, we aren’t the only ones to spot the uncanny resemblance according to the 19-year-old. According to Luis himself:

”I do not know him (Luiz). Only from the television. Everywhere I go people say I look like him. Everyone talks to me about it. Who knows, maybe one day we will play together?! I’m left-footed. He is right-footed. It would be a great partnership!”

Well, that combination would certainly confuse attackers (and everyone else) around the world.

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