Interactive vending machine rewards keepy-uppy skills with free Pepsi

Have you ever been thirsty but short a few bucks? It’s not pleasant.

Luckily for all us cheapskates, Pepsi has a new interactive vending machine that challenges customers to a game of keepy-uppy and rewards them with soda.

Using Microsoft’s Kinetic technology, Pepsi will release 20 of these machines across the world, with just one in North America — at Dallas Forth Worth Airport of all places.

Per the press release:

"The interactive vending machine allows customers to show off their soccer skills utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology, with no purchase necessary. Users can create an avatar with their name and begin earning points immediately. Throughout the interactive experience, fans are encouraged to keep the virtual football in the air for 30-seconds as they move through a series of skills challenges. Advanced players can earn bonus time and compete for “Hall of Fame” recognition at each location."

Sure, you’ll look pretty foolish juggling an invisible ball and flailing in front of a vending machine, but it’s bound to be more effective than trying to kick the thing for a free drink.

(h/t Yahoo)


Groom busts out aisle freestyle on wedding day

If your wedding day is supposed to give you the jitters — or even worse, cold feet — then Daniel Cutting is about as calm as Hindu cow.

Watch as this groom opts to make his march toward matrimony while juggling a soccer ball.

Consider all the factors stacked against him: He’s in a cramped church aisle; he has his family, friends, and the eyes of God all upon him; and oh, he’s about to pledge his life to another. And he absolutely nails it.

What a display! He even takes it up a notch by shaking hands with some of the attendees. Bonus points if he spotted his soon-to-be father-in-law.

With an entrance like this, it makes us wonder what he did for the proposal.

(h/t 101GreatGoals)