Andrea Pirlo looks a little worse for wear at the Scudetto bus parade

imageWake up, Andrea!  (Image via 101GG)

Juventus had their bus parade on Sunday to celebrate a third straight Serie A championship, and it seems as though one particular, bearded midfielder may have had one too many libations along the way!

Check it out:

Oh, Andrea!

Since the parade fell on the eve of his birthday (Pirlo turned 35 on Monday), maybe we should give him a pass. After all, it is his birthday week! Long hair, don’t care!

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Juventus clinch Serie A title without even playing

What was already a forgone conclusion was etched in stone Sunday: Juventus won their third straight, and 30th overall, Serie A championship. And they weren’t even playing!

While Juve likely would have clinched the title on Monday with a win against Atalanta, second-placed Roma, who were 8 points back with three to play, surprisingly did the business for them with a heavy 4-1 defeat at Catania, the second-worst team in the league.

Juventus’ players were watching the Roma game from a hotel, and while title celebrations are no doubt more fun on the pitch, they showed they can have quite the decent time in a conference room as well:

Andrea Pirlo’s shades over everything:


Juventus’ Stephan Lichtsteiner can’t do anything without Pirlo’s passes

In a new video posted by the Bianconeri’s official YouTube account, Stephan Lichtsteiner and Andrea Pirlo go out for a nice little brunch together after practice. Throughout the spot, Lichtsteiner asks Pirlo to “pass” him multiple things. The punchline (it’s not much of one) is when Stephan asks Pirlo to pass him the water, which is closer to him.

On their way out of the restaurant, Pirlo has a revelation: maybe practice makes perfect?

Somehow, passing is only Pirlo’s second-greatest attribute, well behind fashion. Just look at him:



Blindfolded Paul Pogba is still better than you at juggling

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has grown up right in front of our eyes this season. With six goals and four assists in league play, the 20-year-old is one of Serie A’s highest-rated players on the season, and a key component of a Juve team that is dominating Italy.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also very good at juggling… while blindfolded. Though Pogba botched his first couple attempts in the video above, on the third try he manages 19 touches, and even whips out some “Around the Worlds” for good measure.

This just proves once more that even a blindfolded Pogba could’ve probably been very useful to the Manchester United midfield this season, had Sir Alex Ferguson not let him leave to Juventus for free a couple of years ago.

The only question now is, what’s more impressive: juggling blindfolded or in high heels?


Man Utd to break bank for Vidal


The rumors keep rolling in for Manchester United supporters. A fortnight ago it was Wesley Sneijder, last week it was Atletico star Koke and Dortmund’s Marco Reus. Who will fill that midfield role now the transfer window has opened?

In Thursday’s English newspapers, Juventus’ Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal is the latest name to be linked with a move to Old Trafford. Vidal has been one of Juve’s outstanding players and one of the reasons they have won back-to-back Scudetto’s in recent years. It is certain United will have to break the bank for the midfielder, especially in the inflated January sales.

For this rumor and the rest of Thursday’s transfer gossip, click here.


Pair of golazos help Juventus beat Napoli in Serie A showdown


Serie A title favorites Juventus and Napoli met up for a critical match on Sunday to determine who would take over second place and creep within a point of league-leading Roma.

After Fernando Llorente put Juve ahead in just the 2nd minute of the match, the defending champions looked to be in complete control. But it wasn’t until late in the second half that Juventus could secure their position, when Andrea Pirlo and Paul Pogba suddenly staged their own mini-competition.

In the 74th minute, Pirlo emitted all the power and magic from his majestic beard to unleash a flawless free kick into the upper right corner. Teammate Paul Pogba was not to be outdone, though, and clinched the 3-0 win just six minutes later. Pogba did what Pogba loves to do more than anything: tee up an outrageous volley from distance:

Welcome to Golazo City! Population: Juventus


Fan Cam: Paul Pogba’s screamer taken from best possible camera angle

Usually, when it comes to fan videos taken from the stands, they are just plain awful. But this particular supporter struck YouTube gold by offering us the perfect angle on a golazo by Juventus’ Paul Pogba.

Pogba scored this audacious half-volley last season against in a match against Udinese, but until now you couldn’t truly appreciate the incredible movement behind that ball. I mean that ball was swerving like Carlos Tevez on the freeway. Woosh!

Again, excellent camera work by the anonymous fan. A real Ken Burns in the making. As for Pogba, here’s a guy who has mastered the art of volleys. Remember, he scored this one also last season:

If you couldn’t tell, we’re a little excited that Serie A starts again this weekend.


Cavani, Tevez score first goals for new clubs

Two of the higher-profile transfers this summer included Edinson Cavani’s blockbuster move to PSG and Carlos Tevez’s Juventus switch. Both stars celebrated their first goals for their new clubs over the weekend.

First, Carlos Tevez scored in the Old Lady’s 4-0 romp over a decent Lazio side in Sunday’s Italian Super Cup. In what was a bit of a scramble, Tevez cleaned up the mess after two good stops by Lazio keeper Federico Marchetti:

Minutes later over in France, Edinson Cavani opened his PSG goal-scoring account with a beautiful long-range strike to tie up Ajaccio four minutes from time. The crucial goal prevented PSG from getting off to an even rockier start than they are already on. The Parisians have stumbled to start their Ligue 1 title defense, but thanks to Cavani they find themselves on two points rather than one.

Even Zlatan Ibrahimovic must have been impressed by what he saw from his new partner up front. Well, then again probably not. Zlatan knows Zlatan can do that in his sleep.


Pitch invader takes penalty kick, unfazed Tim Howard saves it

It’s not every day that a fan makes his way onto the field without getting caught by security in just a few seconds, and only the most talented of pitch invaders can manage to get their foot on the ball, or their hands on a player. But a pitch invader actually taking a penalty kick in the middle of a shootout, well, that’s got to be a first.

After last night’s International Champions Cup match between Everton and Juventus went into sudden death penalty kicks, a fan ran onto the pitch just as Juve’s Kwadwo Asamoah was stepping up to his kick and beat him to it. Everton’s Tim Howard was rather unimpressed, nonchalantly catching the ball that was, to be fair, hit right at him.

Sure, it wasn’t the best-taken penalty, but we doubt the fan cared much either way. It was a funny moment, and we can only tip our hat to the fan’s rambunctiousness. As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m not even mad, that’s impressive!”

Update: We’re not 100% positive on this one, but we just might have a double offender on our hands. Last year, a man clad in the same headgear and jacket as Wednesday’s pitch invader creatively interrupted an interview with golfer Webb Simpson:

The man was then identified as Andrew James Dudley of England, reportedly a deforestation activist who calls himself, get this, “Jungle Bird.” He wasn’t charged.

Whether or not Jungle Bird got off for this as well, or if it is even him, we can’t know for sure. But you decide for yourself.


Juve’s Pirlo and Bonucci don’t impress at the other kind of football

Ahead of their International Champions Cup encounter with Everton in San Francisco (tonight, 11 PM ET, LIVE on FOX Soccer), Juventus players Andrea Pirlo and Steven Bonucci visited the Stanford campus to try their hands at the “other” football.

It didn’t go so well.

Under the watchful eye of Stanford’s quarterbacks and wide receivers coach Mike Sanford (Stanford’s Sanford… has a nice ring to it!) Bonucci played the role of QB while Pirlo ran some routes. They had very little success.The look on Sanford’s face really says it all, but if we’re being honest, coach, you probably should have given Pirlo the nod at QB. He’s only one of the greatest passers of our time (albeit with his feet).

After realizing they just aren’t that useful with their arms, Pirlo and Bonucci went over to the other side of the field to try out as kickers. Not surprisingly, that turned out much better.