Brazil’s embarrassing World Cup exit provokes unexpected sympathy

Should old acquaintance be forgot? It was never going to be, but I hardly expected to be thinking of my friends from Copacabana so soon after landing back in England, and I certainly didn’t expect to be feeling so sorry for them.

The return home came just hours before the first semifinal and, like hundreds of millions of others across the planet, I watched incredulous as the team of the host nation, the greatest of all soccer nations, concede goals to Germany with a rapidity that would have been surprising in the NBA; let alone a sporting arena that had yielded just 1.25 goals per entire game in the previous round, as things became about as tight and tense as international soccer can get.


After the magnificent Germans had eased off and started saving their energy for Sunday’s final, they stopped at seven, to which Brazil replied with a gesture that produced one in the closing seconds. I was watching in a riverside pub on the south-western fringes of London, slack-jawed like everyone around me, trying to think of precedents but being able to think only of the folks with whom I’d seen all the previous Brazil games.

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Julio Cesar gets emotional again, and it’s incredibly touching


You’ll always know if Cesar happy, sad or mad (Image: USA Today).

It’s no secret that Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar is an emotional guy. He’s never hidden how he feels, whether it’s a happy moment — like joining QPR — or a sad one, like losing in the World Cup.

So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the accomplished keeper let the tears flow again, this time as he bid farewell to his Toronto FC teammates.

Sure, he’d only spent a few months with the club and played in just seven matches, but it’s clear the Canadian club made a huge impact on him. Before Cesar shipped off to Brazil for this summer’s World Cup, the team presented him with a touching gift, and the waterworks couldn’t be stopped:

You can see just how much his time at TFC meant to him. For a guy who’s won just about everything a player could dream of in his lengthy career, it’s sweet that even something as seemingly small as a framed photograph can make him break down.

But even with all of his accomplishments, Cesar still doesn’t have the elusive World Cup. If Brazil go all the way this summer, let’s hope someone’s got a box of extra-strength tissues close by.

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Julio Cesar considers MLS transfer


Toronto FC look set to add another big name to their roster ahead of the new MLS season. Having captured USA star midfielder Michael Bradley and England striker Jermain Defoe, Toronto aim to seal a deal for Brazil keeper Julio Cesar. The Queens Park Rangers keeper is out of favor with the English Championship side and is looking for regular soccer in the lead up to the 2014 World Cup.

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License to Rome? Gervinho Italy bound


Luis Suarez may be high on the agenda at Arsenal, but let’s not forget there is plenty of other transfer activity going on at Emirates Stadium. Gervinho looks like he is heading to Roma, while QPR goalkeeper Julio Cesar could be joining the Gunners squad. We’ve also got the latest on the usual suspects - Wayne Rooney, Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez. Just click here for the best gossip around.


QPR keeper caught in Chelsea jersey


Brazilian goalkeeper Julio Cesar attended fellow countryman David Luiz’s birthday party and was sporting a Chelsea shirt. The only problem is, Julio Cesar is currently the keeper for Queens Park Rangers.

This photo has been circulating the internet and has even forced QPR to investigate the matter. Could you imagine Wayne Rooney sporting a Liverpool jersey or Steven Gerrard in an Arsenal jersey? It’s very understandable that both the club and it’s supporters aren’t pleased.

What’s going to happen to Cesar now - benching? Fine? Suspension?