Sprinklers shower TV commentators before Switzerland-England match

The world got a front row seat to the hazards of touchline reporting earlier this week, and it didn’t disappoint.

ITV commentators Lee Dixon, Ian Wright, Glen Hoddle and Adrian Chiles were analyzing England’s game plan prior to the Three Lions’ 2-0 victory against Switzerland at St. Jakob-Park in Euro 2016 qualifying. Then, unexpectedly, the sprinklers were turned on and showered the English pundits on live television before the match:


We understand the importance of gamesmanship. We just didn’t know that it applied to members of the media as well.



Steven Gerrard put on the spot by 10-year-old Liverpool fan

In one of our favorite recurring segments, Kop Kids presents another sit-down interview with a young fan and a club superstar.

Here we see 10-year-old Reds fan Finn getting a chance to sit down with Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard.

Some highlights:

  • What Gerrard has on his Christmas list
  • Which players give Gerrard the most cheek
  • The England captain’s favorite actor is Robert De Niro
  • Gerrard can’t stand sprouts
  • Young Finn gets the exclusive on Gerrard’s breakfast
  • The boy actually has a pretty righteous shot!

The whole video is so darn cute that’s it worth watching by itself, but Finn actually gives a pretty informative interview. All we can say is: Enjoy!

(h/t Reddit)


Iker Casillas reveals plans about future to adorable kid journalist


Image courtesy of Getty.

Ever since Iker Casillas lost his starting role at Real Madrid, questions have swirled about his future, but not much has been confirmed. We now know that Casillas is going to decide in roughly three months whether he’s staying with Los Blancos.

Who squeezed this information out of him? A child, of course.

The interview begins with a child asking him sweetly if he thinks Real Madrid are playing well. But it’s the next kid who steps up to the mic that asks the hard-hitting question.

"Would you like to stay at Real Madrid?"

Considering his surroundings — a publicity event with a bunch of young children — Casillas opens up and reveals how deeply he’s thought about his future.

He reiterated that he wants to stay at the club that he’s been with since he was little, Casillas admitted if things don’t change soon he may leave:

"As of now my decision is to stay and fight, to struggle and play every day. If I wasn’t sure about it I would have told the president I wanted to leave in September and that no matter what at Christmas. But I decided that I want to be part of this squad for a long time yet.

"That said, if the situation doesn’t change within three months, I’d say that I’ll be looking to leave."

If the Spanish international decides to leave, we can think of a club that is in the market for a goalkeeper (we’re looking right at you Manchester City).


Exercise in Futility: Soccer Player Grades

By Leander Schaerlaeckens

On the press bus to the Estadio Azteca on Tuesday, a half-dozen or so American soccer writers had a lively discussion about postgame player grades. Also partaking was US Soccer’s Senior Manager of Communications Neil Buethe, who pointed out that the grades were typically all over the map. This underscored once more the senselessness of the entire exercise.

Mercifully, when I joined FOX Soccer, I was no longer required to do them, because as my editor Jamie Trecker puts it: “Player ratings are the bane of the soccer world. They are the rhetorical equivalent of giving every kid who shows up a trophy.”

Well said.

While I understand the utility of grades – they drive traffic, fill comment sections and give you a tool to superimpose a quasi-box score on a fluid sport – they remain highly unscientific and, to my belief, are prone to erode a writer’s credibility.

My issues with it:

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