Ronaldinho leaves Atletico Mineiro, is now a free agent


Former ‘best player in the world’ Ronaldinho is unemployed.

The 34-year-old announced on Monday that he is leaving Atletico Mineiro by mutual consent, and is due to give a press conference on Wednesday to announce his future plans.

Atletico coach Levir Culpi confirmed the news speaking with SporTV.

"I can’t call on Ronaldinho anymore. His cycle with us has ended. It’s unfortunate because he’s an idol to all of us. Everyone loves his football, the way he plays and he’s a very charismatic person," Culpi said.

"But that’s the way it goes. He’s leaving and we must move on without him."

The former Ballon d’Or winner and World Cup champion scored 28 goals in 88 games with Mineiro, and helped them win their first ever Copa Libertadores title last season. Ronaldinho’s contract with the Belo Horizonte club was set to expire at the end of this year.

While you can now officialy start day-dreaming about Ronaldinho joining Major League Soccer, take in some of his greatest moments at Mineiro:

H/T Goal.com


#TBT: Brazil, the forever home of Joga Bonito

The long four year wait is finally over and 2014 World Cup is upon us. In case you hadn’t heard, this edition of the tournament is being held in Brazil, the home of joga bonito.

Many impostors may try to emulate their unique style, but there is only one Brazil. Their rhythm is matched to music — and it’s quite the catchy beat:

If this doesn’t get you dancing in your seat, you might want to check your pulse.


Real Madrid, Barca legends square off in Futsal match

When it comes to legends games, it’s clear that many of the old timers are simply nowhere near their playing shape, often making for slow-paced games that don’t make for a necessarily good watch. That’s why you wonder how come they don’t play more of these futsal games. With less room to run and a bigger focus on tricks, it’s the perfect setting for legends to entertain and fans to recall their greatness.

Just check out the highlights of this futsal “Clasico” held in Kuwait between past Barcelona and Real Madrid greats. There’s Juliano Belletti fooling Madrid keeper Bodo Illgner not once, but twice, from long distance; then there’s Luis Figo busting out the skill moves at the 7:22 mark, and plenty in between.

Apparently, Michael Owen and (surprisingly) Illgner were the only ones out of the bunch still hip enough to know what Twitter is. Luckily, they provided some commentary and pictures for the rest of the world.

In the end, Real Madrid’s legends came out on top, winning 9-5. Let’s hope that we see more of these futsal matches in the future.


Lyon’s Clement Grenier scores no-look volley against Real Madrid

Do preseason goals count when we tally up FIFA goal of the year candidates? Because this one needs to make the list.

Olympique Lyon's Clement Grenier scored this golazo in Wednesday's friendly against Real Madrid without even looking at the net. The 22-year old French international, who scored seven Ligue 1 goals last season for Lyon, struck home a cross from Alexandre Lacazette with the inside of his right foot, while cheekily looking the other way. Showboating at its finest!

The only thing cooler than the goal is his casual celebration. We have a feeling if this was in a Champions League match, everyone - the media included - would be going crazy over this.  Alas, that’s the preseason for you.


Keeper goes coast-to-coast, scores well-taken goal!

We’ve all tried it in FIFA.

You’re up a couple of goals, the clock is running down and your keeper has the ball, so you say, “Screw it, I’m going for it” and run out, trying to take on the entire opposing team with your keeper (usually, it ends poorly).

Granted, this is only futsal, but goalkeeper Renan of Carlos Barbosa did the feat in real life, going coast-to-coast for a brilliant goal. Well done!


In case you needed a reminder, Robin van Persie is pretty good at ball-kicking.

In this video shot for Rio Ferdinand’s magazine “5,” RVP shows off his skills, gives tips on how to execute the perfect free-kick, and answers questions about Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, music, and his favorite footballers of all time.

Oh, and of course there’s a fun, little cross-bar challenge at the end. Because why not.