Chelsea players have favorite moments immortalized in sculptures

Last season’s tease and reveal of Chelsea’s new kits was one that adidas would have a hard time topping, but it looks like they’ve done it.

In a video voiced by Jose Mourinho, Chelsea stars recreate their favorite moments as a Blue and have that moment immortalized by incredible sculptures. The process and end result are both rather stunning.

And the new kits aren’t bad, either.



Images via Chelsea FC


Dogs. World Cup kits. It does not get better than this.

There are two things in life that everyone loves: Pups and jerseys. So what happens when they are combined? Cuteness overload with excellent fashion sense and country pride:


Designer Alexander Campaz has come up with 32 dog jerseys for this summer’s World Cup, and is using Kickstarter to help produce them for the world.

And these aren’t just any old doggie kits. They’re special, just like the pups that will wear them — because we all know dogs deserve the best of the best.

The jerseys include:

-Fabrics used on professional jerseys (because dogs are as good as better than people)
-Active dry mesh (because it gets hot in the summer with all that fur!)
-Polyester mesh sleeves (because pups need flexibility for play time)
-Unique designs (because even dogs need to look fly at all times)

Basically, every dog should rock one of these this summer. Just look how happy this little pup is in his Brazil kit:


Photos courtesy of MyBroNYC and Alexander Campaz


Cameroon’s latest World Cup kits are a breath of fresh air


(Image: 101GG)

Usually you can count on Cameroon to have something off the wall up their sleeve when it comes to kit designs.

We might be a bit late to the party here, but their latest design is pretty slick. The pattern is a crisp, but not overwhelming, nod to Africa. Compared to some of their kits from seasons past, these are a godsend:


(Image: Getty)

Who could forget the sleeveless kits from the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations?


(Image: Getty)

And not to be outdone in 2004, Cameroon opted for these one-piece numbers during the Africa Cup of Nations.

Yep, we’d say they’re back on the right track.


The rumored USA kit is very, very blah

Just 110 days before the World Cup, USA fans may have received an early look at what their team will be wearing in Brazil.


(Image via Todos Sobre Camisetas)

Yikes! It looks more like an Old Navy polo than a soccer jersey. But lucky for all of us, USMNT fans are quite the, umm, creative bunch.

Pour one out for kit nerds everywhere.


Intel inside … Barcelona?

Computing giant Intel today announced a novel shirt sponsorship with Barcelona: Instead of plastering the chip-maker’s name on the front of their shirts, Intel’s logo is on the inside.

The intention is that Barcelona’s players will reveal the logo during their goal celebrations, and thus pay homage to Intel’s long running advertising campaign as well. (The fact that the players will be carded for taking off their tops? An afterthought, apparently.)

If this sounds goofy, keep in mind that Barcelona are not the first team to put a logo inside a shirt. Spanish side Getafe had Burger King’s “king” on the inside of their shirts in 2009.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed by the club, but media reports said Intel had paid in the neighborhood of $21m for the deal.


Germany and Spain World Cup jerseys leaked?


Image: FootyHeadlines.com

Can you feel it? The best time of the year is near. No, not Christmas. World Cup Jersey Leaking Time, of course!

With 2014 creeping ever closer, kit suppliers for next year’s World Cup teams are eager to release their jerseys just in time for the holiday season. And that means we should be receiving more leaked images of said kits each and every week. Mexico became the first team to officially release their World Cup kit (if they make it!), showing them off in their last World Cup qualifier vs Panama. But until the other nations hold their announcements, the fun is all in the speculation.

Today, we heard of two new kits being leaked — Germany’s and Spain’s. And we must say, they are quite fancy:

Fresh. To. Death. But which do you prefer?

To stay up to date with all the World Cup kit releases (and of course, the leaks), check out FootyHeadlines.com. They always seem to be on top of it.