Usain Bolt to Prince Harry: Don’t Let Your Son Support Villa!


Photo via the Birmingham Mail

Just a few days after the birth of the next Monarch in line for the British throne, Premier League club Aston Villa wasted little time sending out a care package to the newborn. While the PR stunt won the club a bit of attention in the English press, recent comments made by Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt are bringing the club an entirely different sort of attention…

In a recent newspaper interview with the Birmingham Mail, Bolt had less than positive comments about the club: 

"I want to give all my best to the Prince and Duchess on their firstborn. I just hope he doesn’t follow in his daddy’s footsteps and become an Aston Villa fan. It isn’t fair to put a child through that - especially not a prince. When the prince is old enough, I’d love to take him to Old Trafford. It’s only fair he gets to support a winning team."

That’s definitely harsh, but is it really that far off? Of course, a real prince would just make sure that Villa won the Premier League every season, but it remains to be seen if Prince Georgie has a lot in common with a certain Joffrey Baratheon…

(Via: DirtyTackle)