Levski Sofia coach stripped of team’s jersey by angry fans

Being forced to strip off your shirt isn’t exactly the ideal scenario for one of your first days at work. But that’s precisely what happened to Bulgarian club Levski Sofia’s former manager, Ivaylo Petev.

Petev resigned from his post on Wednesday, after angry fans charged Petev at his unveiling for Levski, forcing the new manager to take off two layers of shirts with the Levski brand on them. Fast forward to about the 45-second mark to see the scene unfold.

The reasoning for the fans’ hostile (and ridiculous) actions? According to Reuters, the ultras believed Petev was actually a supporter of bitter rival club CKSA Sofia.

With the coach obviously dismayed, the rabid ultras shouted: “You’re not welcome here. Get up, undress the shirt and go. Levski will not play under you as coach,” per Reuters. They then stripped Petev of his shirts before letting the coach escape.

Never mind that that’s utterly insane, you might be asking where security was during all of this. Nowhere to be found, apparently. But we’re glad Petev got out of there before a potential loss to CSKA Sofia.

(h/t KCKRS and The Associated Press)


Amateur overshadows Lionel Messi during charity match

The match might have been contested by well-known names like Javier Mascherano, Diego Lugano, Thierry Henry and a certain Lionel Messi.

But the night ended up belonging to an amateur player from the Chicago suburbs who hasn’t yet managed to secure a professional contract.

During Saturday’s Messi & Friends charity match, Matt Eliason, a financial analyst for GE Capital — and former college player for Northwestern University — provided the highlight of the night with a perfectly executed bicycle kick after receiving a chip from Henry.

As soon as the ball made it’s way past the goalkeeper, the crowd exploded, and even grizzled veterans like Henry and Florent Malouda seemed genuinely excited for Eliason. Northwestern’s Twitter account went wild following Eliason’s incredible goal:

While it’s not surprising that Eliason managed the shot, considering that he is Northwestern’s all-time leading goal scorer, what is truly impressive is that he is not affiliated with any professional team. While Eliason pursued a career in soccer, even going so far as to attend MLS’s Draft Combine, the Illinois-native was passed over in the draft.

For Eliason, that oversight seems only a minor bump in his professional trajectory, as he continues to train daily in the hopes of joining an MLS team, despite a promising full-time job in finance.

With goals like this, one can imagine it won’t be too long until a professional team comes calling. Best of luck Matt and take a bow!

Photo: Brian Kersey/Getty Images


Keeper plays full match with 9mm bullet lodged in head


Talk about shots on goal.

During an amateur match in Bosnia, 51-year-old keeper Dusko Krtalica played an entire 90 minute match in goal after being hit in the head with a stray 9mm bullet.

While he complained of a headache during the match, it wasn’t until after the 90 minutes that he began to feel numbness across his body and he was taken to a hospital for examination. A bullet was found lodged in his temple - it was removed safely and the keeper was in stable condition.

After a police investigation, it was found out that someone at a nearby wedding fired off a few rounds in celebration. Astonishingly, one of the bullets found it’s way into Krtalica’s skull.

Next time someone questions soccer players’ toughness, feel free to point them to this story.

(Image Avaz.ba, H/T 101GG)