Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick breaks young fan’s wrist


Image by: M & Y News Agency Ltd (via The Sun)

There are few things you’d want to get in the way of less than a booming, signature free-kick from Cristiano Ronaldo. After all, FIFA ‘13 rates Ronaldo’s shot power at a whopping 94, and FIFA ratings never lie.

You could also just ask Charlie Silverwood, an 11-year-old Bournemouth fan. The young boy broke his wrist in two places after a Ronaldo rocket zoomed past the net and hit him in the stands during Real Madrid’s preseason opener against the promoted Championship side.

Charlie told The Sun:

It was very painful. I’ve told friends and they cannot believe it. Ronaldo is the world’s most expensive player — and he broke my arm. I could see the ball coming towards me. It curled past the post and was going to hit my face — so I had to block it with my hand. My dad was sat next to me and ducked out of the way so I took the full force.

Way to go, Dad!

Luckily, Charlie is a brave young man, and insisted on staying for the rest of the game before getting his arm put in a cast at a local hospital. And once his story leaked to local media, AFC Bournemouth helped ease the pain some by handing Charlie a signed Real Madrid jersey. Even though it’s probably four times too big, it’ll work for a nice show-and-tell story in school next year.

For video of CR7’s vicious kick, check out this recap:


Belgium captain Vincent Kompany gets an eyeful


The expression ‘taking one for the team’ could not be more apt in the case of Vincent Kompany who played for an hour of Belgium’s 2-1 win against Serbia with a concussion, a broken nose and a fractured eye socket. The Manchester City defender was clattered by Serbian goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic half an hour into the game and needed treatment on the sidelines before the Belgium skipper carried on. He tweeetd this picture of himself later and said: “What wouldn’t you do for your country, eh?”

Captain Fantastic or what?

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