German ice hockey team plays “ice football”

Well this looks like a fun, completely safe time.

Ice football? What could possibly go wrong?!

That’s right, German ice hockey team EHC Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams offered their fans something a little bit different during a recent pre-season training session, taking part in a soccer scrimmage — on the ice!

As you can see, the only thing wackier than the light-hearted practice was the punishment for the losers - they had to perform somersaults on the ice.

The pros might make it look easy, but please don’t try this home. We cannot stress that enough.

H/T Metro


Must-see to believe: Bicycle kick save in ice hockey

Who says the FOX Soccer Blog must strictly be 100% soccer-based?

Well, common sense, that’s who. But still, you have to check out this incredible save by Calgary Flames goaltender Reto Berra of the NHL.

This past Wednesday (so we’re a bit late, sue us), Berra pulled off one of the most stunning saves of the year, stopping a shot by Columbus Blue Jackets defender Jack Johnson with a bicycle kick, or as some hockey folks apparently call it “going around the world with the pads.”

Impressive stuff, hockey. But can you top René Higuita’s memorable scorpion kick save?