NAC players join fans in pitchside Jacuzzi after win

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

A time of holiday cheer and winter wonderlands. A time for presents, Christmas cookies and Chanukah candles. A time for relaxation and diversion, with no shortage of football games to keep you company while huddling up next to a cozy fire. A time where fans and players can join together and celebrate the season … in jacuzzis?

This weekend in the Dutch Eredivisie, our favorite football league here on the blog (exhibit A and B), three lucky NAC Breda fans got to watch their team play Cambuur Leeuwarden in a field-level hot tub after having won a charity auction.

Sporting Santa hats, flippers and snorkels, the fans had a jolly ol’ time watching their relegation-threatened team win the match 1-0. To top it all off, several of NAC’s players then spotted the jacuzzi and decided to jump in to celebrate!


imageGetty Images

Let’s hope this becomes a thing.


Soaking it in

Now this is how you should watch a match.

Swiss club Grasshoppers gave a few lucky fans the ultimate game-day experience. The club placed a jacuzzi on the sidelines of the pitch, and allowed two fans per half to sit in it and watch the game in luxurious fashion.

And of course, when their team scored, they were part of the celebration! It is admittedly a little strange looking, but certainly a unique experience. We just wish that one of the players had taken better advantage of the situation and celebrated IN the jacuzzi — maybe next time!

All were left smiling at the end of the match, as Grasshoppers won 3-1 and the hot tub fans got a picture to commemorate the event!

(Photos via Grasshoppers Facebook page)