Zenit fan punches Dynamo Moscow player during mass pitch invasion

One of Russia’s top clashes has been called off after fans stormed the field and one of them punched a visiting player in the head.

Dynamo Moscow was leading Zenit St. Petersburg 4-2 in the 87th minute Sunday when Zenit spectators surged from the stands. A loss by Zenit would damage its hopes of winning the Russian Premier League. It is unclear if the score will be the final result.

Broadcasts showed one fan running to Dynamo defender Vladimir Granat and hitting him in the head from behind. Dynamo sporting director Guram Adzhoev told local media that Granat has a head injury. In 2012, a Zenit-Dynamo match was abandoned when a flare thrown from the Zenit fan section injured Dynamo goalkeeper Anton Shunin.

We at the FOX Soccer Blog do not condone violence, but we have to say: That is one dreadful looking right hook. Thumbs down all the way around for this disgusting act.

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Crawley Town defender in hot water after slapping fan

The Number 1 rule professional athletes must follow is about as simple as it gets, yet we see it broken way too many times:

Don’t. Hit. The fans.

Alas, the latest incident of an athlete getting into it with a fan comes courtesy of Crawley Town defender Paul Connolly. During a League One (Third Division) match at Brentford, the visitors looked to quickly re-start play with a throw-in when a home supporter chucked the ball rather forcefully at Connolly. The defender immediately lost his cool, visibly reaching into the stands to give him a slap in the face.

Though the referee took no action against Connolly at the time, we would be surprised if he doesn’t get a call from the Football Association. For his part, the culprit took to Twitter afterwards and tried to brush the whole thing off as much ado about nothing:

Yeah, not so sure the FA will look at it that way.


Cruel Braunschweig fans hang dead sheep at Hannover training grounds (Graphic!)

Eintracht Braunschweig’s rivalry with Hannover 96 is arguably the most hostile one in the Bundesliga, stemming from a bitter feud between the two cities that spans several centuries. But one group of barbaric Braunschweig fans really crossed the line with a despicable act ahead of their derby this Sunday.


What you see here is a dead sheep, tied up on Hannover’s training ground fence along with the message: “On Sunday, you dirty animals will be suffocated.”

Sadly, this shameful act is not a one-off. In their first meeting this season — the first derby since 1976 — Braunschweig fans dropped off a pig donning their rival club’s scarf in downtown Hannover:

imageImage: Bild


Trabzonspor fans get Fenerbahce match abandoned


It’s well established that Turkish sides Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor don’t like each other very much, but hostilities reached a new high on Monday night. The home Trabzonspor fans caused their fixture against the Süper Lig leaders to be abandoned after throwing missiles onto the pitch without end.

The referee had already stopped the match twice — once in the 28th minute to allow police to deal with crowd violence and a pitch invader, then again shortly after play restarted — before he was ultimately forced to call the game off before halftime. The unruliness in the stands was simply too much to bear:

According to The Guardian, fans continued to clash with police in the aftermath of the match. The intense rivalry between the two sides started in the fallout of the 2010/11 title race, when Fenerbahce overturned a significant points deficit to steal the championship away from Trabzonspor on goal difference. Fener then became the subject of a high-profile match-fixing investigation that eventually saw club president Aziz Yildirim sent to prison.

Fan violence in the stands is nothing new in Turkish football, but perhaps  Trabzonspor officials should take a page out of their rival’s book and deal their fans an unconventional punishment: only let women and children attend the next home match.


Panathinaikos manager hit in the face with Coke by rival fans

imagePhoto: Getty Images

Tensions reached an all-time high in Greece’s premier football rivalry as Panathinaikos dashed Olympiakos’ dream of becoming only the second team to win the Greek league undefeated. (Panathinaikos were the first to do so). The visitors’ 3-0 victory in what is dubbed the “Derby of the Eternal Enemies” ended Olympiakos’ 27-game unbeaten run, but was marred by chaos during and after the match.

In the second half, with the game well in hand for the visitors, Olympiakos fans grew more restless by the second. With riot police entering the grounds, the home supporters began chucking objects down onto the pitch, including a full cup of Coca-Cola that hit Panathinaikos manager Yannis Anastasiou in the face:

Hey, at least it wasn’t Pepsi.

Anastasiou wasn’t seriously hurt, but after the match Olympiakos fans continued to take their frustration out on the police outside the grounds. According to AFP, a total of eleven arrests were made.

In a separate incident, Olympiakos striker Michael Olaitan collapsed on the pitch without contact due to what doctors later deemed viral myocarditis. Olaitan was transported to a nearby hospital and is now in stable condition.

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AEK Athens fans still mad, invade pitch to wage flare war

imagePhoto: Getty Images

Every time we hear from AEK Athens, it’s for the wrong reasons. Last season alone, one AEK player received a lifetime ban for a Nazi salute, the club declared bankruptcy, and to top it all off, their own fans chased the team off the pitch after a relegation-sealing own goal.

Sadly, it looks like AEK aren’t getting over their horror season anytime soon.

Now in the third division, AEK visited Egaleo this weekend, but before the match even started visiting AEK hooligans literally attempted to invade and take over the stadium, waging a full-blown flare war with the home fans:

Caught off-guard, the riot police eventually intervened to restore order. But in the 87th minute, AEK ultras once again stirred up trouble, despite the team closing out a 2-1 win.

Win or lose, it seems AEK somehow keeps attracting negative attention. But at least, their performance on the pitch has them on course to get promoted back into the second tier of Greek football.

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Bosnian fans hurl flares at each other, interrupt match

Bosnian league leaders Željezničar beat second-placed Borac 1-0 on Saturday, but the heavyweight showdown was marred by fiery altercations between the two clubs’ fan bases.

Just before halftime, supporters turned the stands into a battlefield by tossing exploding firecrackers at each other, causing a stoppage of play that lasted for a few minutes.

Sadly, this is just par for the course in the Balkans. Just a few weeks ago, Serbia’s top rivalry between Partizan and Red Star Belgrade turned into a massive bonfire as Partizan fans set their foes’ stadium literally aflame:


What was this fan thinking?!


A Saint Etienne fan was pictured hanging off the terrace railing on Sunday as an ugly brawl between supporters marred the Ligue 1 side’s road match at Nice. (Ironic, right? “Nice?” Forget it.)

How did he get there?

Tensions already ran high hours before the match when a pack of Saint Etienne fans had their bus stoned while arriving to Nice’s grounds. Once inside Allianz Riviera stadium, the roadies had revenge on their minds, ripping apart some 200 seats and using them as missiles before the match even began. Riot police quickly intervened and tried to remove the violent fans, numbering around 100, from the stadium:

imageimageimage Looking to get out of dodge, one fan then attempted to climb over the railings and get to the other section, channeling his inner Sly Stallone in Cliffhanger … or Rambo … or any Stallone action movie ever:


Pretty stupid.

According to reports, nine people were injured during the brawl, and Nice’s public prosecutor Eric Bedos said that an investigation was already underway, although he didn’t give any more details. The French League, meanwhile, threatened a ban on traveling fans after the incident.

From The Guardian:

"Enough! The few cretins who claim to be supporters do not even realise they ruin the image of football," the French League (LFP) president Frédéric Thiriez said in a statement.

"I will ask a meeting with the ministry of Interior to discuss the supporters’ trips to away games. If we don’t succeed in resolving this problem it will end with a systematic ban on [supporters’] trips, which nobody wishes."

That would be severe punishment, no doubt, but at least fans woulnd’t dangle off railings like Christmas tree ornaments anymore.

Watch the crazy video below:

(All images: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty)


Fan to receive lifetime ban after invading pitch, punching goalkeeper

League One side Leyton Orient beat Swindon Town 3-1 on Saturday to maintain their lead in the standings, but the story of the match was an ugly incident. During a stoppage of play, a Swindon fan stormed the pitch and threw several punches at Orient goalkeeper Jamie Jones.

Reports have since confirmed that the fan was immediately arrested, and Orient’s chief executive Matt Porter said Swindon are set to hand the supporter a life ban from their ground.

According to the Daily Mail, the FA will speak to officials from both Swindon and Orient before deciding on whether to take any more action.

A spokesman said: ‘We deplore scenes of this kind and would call for the authorities to take the appropriate actions if allegations of assault are proven.

The spokesman also confirmed the FA would push for a banning order from all grounds.

Following the incident, infuriated O’s manager Russell Slade called for a lifetime ban on all grounds, while Swindon chairman Jed McCrory apologized to Jones and vowed to launch a review of the club’s safety measures.

Pictures of the attack, as well as comments by Orient captain Nathan Clarke are below:


Amsterdam hooligans ambush Celtic fans in pub ahead of Champions League match

Video footage has been unearthed showing around 50 Ajax hooligans ambushing a group of Celtic fans in an Amsterdam pub the night before their Champions League match. The footage was recorded by an eye witnesses from a window.

The group of thugs, all wearing coats with their hoods drawn, began banging on the pub’s windows, and you can see one Celtic fan turn towards them moments before he gets attacked from the inside.

The gang quickly fled away from the scene, but according to reports, nine arrests have been made by Amsterdam police. It is believed the hooligans targeted the pub knowing Celtic fans would be inside.

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