Couple’s dream World Cup honeymoon to Brazil goes horribly wrong


It’s an extreme case of miscommunication.

Australian newlyweds Orin and Melissa van Lingen planned the honeymoon of their dreams, heading to Brazil in time for the World Cup — or so they thought.

Turns out, due to a serious snafu with their travel agent, the couple landed in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador — not Salvador, Brazil where Friday’s Spain versus Holland World Cup game was being played.

They’re only about 3,000 miles apart.

On Friday, Melissa van Lingen told the Sunday Territorian, Darwin, Australia’s local paper, that they were devastated.

"The game we watched today was the one we had a ticket for, Spain versus Holland, but unfortunately we had to watch it on TV — in a different country," she said. "The hardest part was seeing my husband’s face — it was heartbreaking."

The travel agency responsible for the mix-up says they are working to get the couple’s honeymoon back on track.

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Cork F.C. invite newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to a match


Kimye walking down the aisle. (Image: @kanyewest)

Love them or hate them, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are a hot ticket right now. Wherever they go, paparazzi, fans and media will follow.

Since the newlyweds are honeymooning in Ireland right now, Irish club Cork F.C. took advantage of the opportunity and invited the couple to come watch their Friday night match against Athlone Town FC.

They even gave Kimye specially reserved seats. It looks like they spent a lot of time getting the signs worked up …

OK, maybe not. But that clip art? Superb.

And apparently, the club’s invitation caught the eye of the celebs.

Both seem to have since unfollowed the club, but here’s hoping the happy couple takes a detour on their Irish honeymoon and makes an appearance.

UPDATE: Cork FC have told us they’ve even extended a season ticket offer Mr. and Mrs. West.

Do it, Kimye. Do it.

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Tahiti midfielder was Fernando Torres’ honeymoon tour guide in 2007


It truly is a small world.

While Spain’s 10-0 destruction of Tahiti in the FIFA Confederations Cup dominated the headlines, there was a very interesting subplot between the two teams.

Tahiti midfielder Efrain Arenada is only a part-time player, like many of his teammates. When he’s not on the pitch, he works as a tour guide for the French Polynesian island. One of his guests in 2007? Fernando Torres.

Torres traveled to Tahiti for his honeymoon six years ago when he was still a member of Atletico Madrid. Arenada recalls the meeting between the two:

"Those days were wonderful. I used to greet people with a flower wreath when they arrived to the airport. I received Torres, took him to his hotel and took him back to the airport for his departure. In fact, I remember he left his honeymoon because he had to go sign for Liverpool."

While Arenada is in Brazil as the 24th man, only there as a substitute if someone on the 23-man Tahiti roster gets injured, he was still able to see Torres unleash a four goal assault on his overmatched country, but he understands the difference between the teams.

"We are aware that there’s a huge difference between our team against the others. Our message is that we are here to enjoy our time and have respect for the others. I mean, we are not here to kick or injure other players."

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Mansfield manager to win free honeymoon if his side beats Liverpool in FA Cup

For any lower tier side in England, making it to the FA Cup 4th round would be a remarkable achievement that in and of itself should serve as plenty of motivation. But for Mansfield boss Paul Cox the stakes have now been raised!

After Cox got married earlier on Friday, league sponsor Blue Square Bet has promised Cox a nice little bonus gift if his Stags pull off the upset: they’ve pledged to pay for his and his wife Natasha’s honeymoon to any location in the world!

In case Mrs. Cox wasn’t a huge football woman before, she sure will be now!