Bayern Munich use magician, fireworks to unveil… new team bus

Bayern Munich pulled out all the stops for a huge club announcement on Tuesday. The German champions erected a big ol’ stage, set off fireworks and even hired a magician to… do what exactly?

Announce a new blockbuster signing? Unveil a dazzling new fan shop to rival Borussia Dortmund’s Fan World? Nope.

They revealed their new team bus.


You can go ahead and add this to the long list of reasons why Bayern are (not so) lovably known around the Bundesliga as “FC Hollywood.”

The kitchen is pretty epic though… for a bus:



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Trecker’s Travels: London’s rare moment of brightness



On Tuesday, the sun was out and underneath my flat window, Hollywood had broken out. A camera crew was at one end of Inverness Street, at the other stood a man I recognized from Doctor Who: James Corden.

For a moment, I thought Los Angeles might have followed me over here but then I realized that all the people crowded around him has been rounded up off the streets. Those were not extras playing schoolgirls, cops and street-sweepers — they were schoolgirls, cops and street-sweepers (London’s public worker rules must very liberal indeed). A good hour and a half went by while they rolled off shot after shot as I watched from above. Some of the cast started waving up to me and I waved back. A girl asked for a bottle of water, I chucked one down.

I won’t spoil the plot, but it is apparently part of a campaign for Cadbury over here, and might have a bit to do with the return of the cult-classic comedy “Gavin and Stacey.” I only know this because their social media team tweeted at me about it.

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Ouch! Pele broke Sylvester Stallone’s finger while filming ‘Victory’


No one will ever question Sylvester Stallone’s toughness on the silver screen. Stallone’s most painful moment during his blockbuster movie career, though, might come as a bit of a shock.

During a recent promotional interview for ‘Grudge Match’ with the BBC, the Hollywood legend recalled a humbling experience while filming the 1981 classic ‘Victory.’ In the film, Stallone played the role as an American POW goalkeeper, starring alongside soccer greats Bobby Moore, John Wark, Ossie Ardiles and Pele:

Stallone told the BBC:

"That was one of the low points of my life. What a butt-kicking I got! I still have a broken finger from trying to block a penalty by Pele.

"He put on a pair of World War II shoes which were steel-tipped, and the ball was like a cannonball - it was twice as thick and heavy as footballs are today. He was telling me he was going to take a shot and I thought ‘It’s soccer, what’s the big deal? It’s easy.’

"He came to take one penalty shot and he told me exactly where he was going to put it, so I stood there but the ball still flew past me before I could move.

"He put it literally right where he had said. He did it again, and it ripped through the back of the net and broke a window in the barracks where we were filming. I went ‘Are you kidding me?’ I found a new kind of respect."

Sounds painful. Then again, what did Sly expect when attempting to stop the greatest player of all-time from scoring?

(H/T Dirty Tackle, BBC)

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Manuel Neuer stars in German version of “Monsters University”

What’s up with all these goalkeepers trying to break into the movie business?

Of course, we all know about Pepe Reina’s life ambitions on the side, having already starred in a popular Spanish comedy short film this season.

Now, add Bayern Munich and Germany keeper Manuel Neuer to the list of Hollywood dreamers. Neuer will play the voice of Frank McCay in the upcoming movie “Monsters University”, albeit the German version of course.

You can’t really hate on Neuer for looking for extra work. He’s barely had anything to do in the Bayern net all season.