Mario Balotelli challenged by Real Madrid boss to act more professional


There’s no doubting Mario Balotelli’s natural ability on the football field, but Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has publicly challenged the AC Milan striker to be more professional, or risk wasting his talent.

Speaking to Corriere dello Sport, Ancelotti said Balotelli should take Cristiano Ronaldo as an example and act more seriously on and off the pitch if he wants to reach the next level.

Judging from this Milan training video from a week ago, that seems like a good idea:

Super Mario, hard at work.

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Actors prove just how silly the soccer vs. football argument is

Warning NSFW: Video contains some inappropriate language.

Anyone who has read a comments section on YouTube knows the level ridiculousness that the conversations often fall to. One particularly awful brand of argument is the never-ending “soccer vs. football” one. If you frequent content about the beautiful game has read at least a dozen.

In a series in which British actors Grahame Edwards and Eryl Lloyd Parry dramatically perform YouTube comments, the two thespians take on the infamous argument. The resulting reenactment shows just how ridiculous the conversation truly is.

Bravo, gents. Maybe fans will think twice before delving into this petty argument.



Infuriated fans flys off the handle playing FIFA 14, breaks TV

Here we see a step-by-step guide of how to ruin a perfectly good television. The steps are quite simple:

1: Have a few libations

2: Play FIFA 14 with a friend with a temper

3: Score a goal

That’s seemingly what transpired in the video, and boy, is it awesome. You can watch the whole video build up to the pay-off moment, or, if you’re impatient, fast forward to the 48-second mark to see the tantrum.

What follows is a meltdown that would make Earl Weaver proud. Not only does the enraged gamer throw his controller and shatter the TV screen, he proceeds to beat the set with a series of slaps.

After that, we can’t see what exactly occurs (somehow the lights go out), but based on the cackles of his mates, we’re assuming he performed a series of elbow drops on the defenseless television set.

(h/t 101GreatGoals)


Pitch invader dodges security, scores full-body golazo

Yesterday’s World Cup qualifiers were so chock-full of awesomeness we hardly had any time to appreciate the more irreverent side of the beautiful game.

Luckily, today affords us that opportunity! And as always, the web hasn’t let us down.

Take a gander at the video of this fan tearing down the pitch during yesterday’s 4-0 win for Russia against Luxembourg.

With a move that would make [insert soccer superstar’s name here] proud, this smooth operator splits two would-be tacklers before dive bombing into the goal.

Worth noting: Fabio Capello appears to take the break in the action to do a little bit of coaching. Now that’s focus.

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Real life Air Bud? Dog scores in pick-up game

We’re not exactly sure where this video originated, but Argentinian TV may have found a real life version of the sports-loving family dog “Air Bud!”

As you can see, this mongrel makes an excellent far post run before flicking the ball into the net with the back of his adorable, furry head. Superb effort, a true poacher! However, we feel obligated to point out that our hero may or may not have been slightly offside here.

Video: Que Vuelvan los Potreros/TyC Sports


MLS All-Stars’ “We’re Better Than the Best” takes America by storm

Before the MLS All-Stars take on AS Roma on Wednesday night, the league’s best players grabbed the mic to record this classic rap video for Will Ferrell’s FunnyOrDie.com, a direct homage to the 1985 Chicago Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle, right down to the funky 80s beat and extremely dope corny lines.

There are so many great parts here, we don’t even know where to begin. The zubaz sweatpants, Kyle Beckerman getting way, way too into it, Brad Davis’ rolled-up overalls, Wondo shattering all conventional rhyme schemes…it’s just too much to handle.

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Hacked: FIFA World Cup website features dancing Sepp Blatter

It appears the protests in Brazil have made their way into the digital world.

When fans visited the FIFA 2014 World Cup website on Sunday night, they were greeted with a banner saying “we want a fair world cup” as well as a dancing Sepp Blatter in the middle of the screen.

The hack has since been fixed, but the protestors certainly got their point across.

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