Pennsylvania high school soccer team under fire for Ebola chants at opposing player


A Pennsylvania high school boys soccer team is facing repercussions after allegedly taunting an opposing player of West African descent with chants about Ebola.

The Northampton High School’s soccer coaches resigned on Tuesday and the involved students will face disciplinary action.

According to The Morning Call, the school district finished their investigation into the incident on Tuesday and, according to Northampton Area School District Superintendent Joseph Kovalchik, “appropriate discipline will be dispensed to any students who violated the code of conduct.”

The taunting occurred in a match against Nazareth High School last week when a 16-year-old player for Nazareth was reportedly the target of racial slurs as well as Ebola comments.

According to the targeted teen’s guardian, he came to the United States about three years ago from a small town in Guinea, where his parents still live.

"I think some of it was trash talk. He had scored the first goal," said Edward Bachert, a local police chief whose family took in the boy three years ago. "Getting him out of the game was certainly an advantage. I don’t know if that was the strategy."

During last week’s game, the teen was reportedly distressed by the alleged Ebola remarks and charged a Northampton player for which he was ejected from the game.

However, Nazareth students have rallied around him. Some have worn bracelets and posted tweets with the message, “EndRacism.”

"When there’s a teachable moment, we’re going to take advantage of that," Kovalchik said of his meeting with the Northampton players. "Education is life-long. It’s ongoing."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

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President Barack Obama shows off his impressive soccer moves

Juggling a global financial crisis, a possible insertion in Syria (and not to mention being a father and husband) can’t be an easy task for anyone. But juggling a soccer ball? All in a day’s work for the POTUS.

Barack Obama dropped by a high school in New York and crashed the practice of the girls and boys soccer teams. The Commander-in-Chief deftly takes a first touch for a quick juggle before greeting the entire boys team.

When’s the last time a guy in slacks and dress shoes moseyed onto a high school practice field and elicited that kind of awesome reaction? Truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment, and a reminder to youngsters to stay in school:

President Obama meeting the boys team at Tully Junior-Senior High School (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And of course, President Obama drops by to meet the Tully Junior-Senior High School girls soccer team (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

And just for kicks, President Obama takes aim and shows off his footie skills (Getty Images: Jewel Samad)

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What’s that? Lampard wasn’t enough for you? You want another 50-yard goal?

Okay, fine. Check out Luke Strebel’s last-minute winner for Father Ryan High School in the Tennessee SSAA Divison II-AA championship game in overtime. With the game tied at 1 and heading for penalty kicks, Strebel’s free kick from 54 yards took one awkward bounce in the six-yard box and landed it into the net to the dismay of Montgomery Bell Academy… and the school’s commentator.

On the other side, that lad Strebel won’t have to pay for another lunch at Father Ryan for the rest of his life. What a moment!

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