Ronaldo treats fan who woke from coma listening to his games

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Cristiano Ronaldo is at it again.

It was only last month that CR7 paid for a young fan’s brain surgery, and here he is producing yet another reason for why, regardless of your opinion of him, he deserves your respect and admiration.

Fourteen-year old Ronaldo fan Dawid Pawlaczyk was in a coma for three months after getting hit by a car, during which time his family had been playing Ronaldo’s matches for Dawid to listen to. In a magical coincidence, according to Yahoo, the boy finally woke up on the same day his favorite player shot Portugal past Sweden in the World Cup qualifying play-offs.

After Polish outlet Fakt contacted Ronaldo about the story, the selfless star immediately treated the boy and his family to a trip to Madrid for Real’s Champions League clash against Dortmund, even giving the boy his jersey after the game.

And so the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo grows a little more.

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Jon Stewart gushes after Pele gives him a 1970 World Cup jersey

Even heroes have heroes of their own. Brazilian superstar Pelé opened up about his idol — Dondinho, his father — on The Daily Show last night.

Pelé reflected on the first time he saw his father cry, back in 1950.

"[I saw my father crying], and I asked him, ‘Why are you crying?’

'Brazil lost the World Cup.'

'I'm going to win one World Cup for you, don't worry.'”

Yeah, he fulfilled that promise (and then some).

And from Jon Stewart’s reaction to the extraordinary gift the Brazilian legend gave him, it’s safe to say Pelé is one of his idols:

We feel you, Jon.


Italian player to adopt baby abandoned on a train

Sassuolo foward and family man Antonio Floro Flores may not consider himself a hero, but for one little boy, he will be.


Floro Flores, his wife and three children. (Photo via @FloroFlores83)

According to Football Italia, a baby believed to be three or four days old was found abandoned in a bag under a train seat. When Floro Flores heard of the story, he was so moved he inquired about the young child. After attempts to find the birth parents failed, the on-loan Sassuolo forward began the process to officially adopt the boy.

“After seeing the profile of little Francesco, we followed what our hearts told us,” Floro Flores said on Twitter. “Before being a player, I am a father. I’m certainly not a hero! We are going through the regular procedures.”

What a guy.


Cristiano Ronaldo pays for young fan’s brain surgery


This is the type of tear-jerker story that draws us closer to our idols, and reveals the human side of larger-than-life athletes.

Ten-month old Erik Ortiz Cruz suffers from cortical dysplasia — a brain abnormality that can cause up to 30 seizures each day — and his family has been desperately looking for help.

Without brain surgery, Erik’s seizures can only worsen and lead to more developmental problems in the future. With one, Erik could win a second chance at life. But the operation costs $83,000 alone, necessary follow-up tests an additional $8,000+ each. Attempts to raise money by Erik’s family haven’t nearly been enough to cover the costs.

Running out of options, a Cruz family friend reportedly reached out to Cristiano Ronaldo, asking if he could donate some signed jerseys or boots to auction off. Not only did Ronaldo happily agree to the donations after hearing of Erik’s plight, he pledged to pay the entire sum of his medical costs and visit the young Merengue in the hospital!

Ronaldo may have plenty of haters in the world, but he just won another fan for life.

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Editor’s note: For more information on epilepsy and how you can help, please visit Purple Day, a world-wide organization dedicated to epilepsy awareness. 


Eusebio’s final wish is granted

Portugal legend Eusebio had one last wish after he passed: a lap around Estádio da Luz before he is laid to rest.

Thousands of fans showed up at the stadium and thousands more lined the streets to bid farewell to their footballing hero.


In a touching moment, his coffin was placed at center field.

Rest In Peace, Black Panther.


Matt Reis’ greatest save, revisited

Earlier this year, MLS Insider released the gripping story of how Matt Reis saved his father-in-law’s life during the Boston Marathon Bombings in April.

Reis, who recently announced his retirement and currently serves as the LA Galaxy’s goalkeeping coach, appeared on FOX Soccer Daily as a guest analyst on Friday, and reflected on his greatest save, also giving an update on his father-in-law’s condition.


Cristiano Ronaldo comes up big…again


Photo courtesy of the Associated Press

Real Madrid haven’t had the start to the La Liga season they were hoping to, especially with their blockbuster summer signing of Gareth Bale. Los Blancos have 19 points and sit behind Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in the league table. Sure, it’s not the worst imaginable start, but considering how talented — and expensive — the side is, much more is expected from the club.

When Madrid took on mid-table Levante on Saturday, things started going south for them again. It took a stunning late comeback to secure a 3-2 win, with a very, very late goal from Cristiano Ronaldo:

This is hardly the first time Ronaldo has saved Madrid from dropping points these season:

We love the drama, but Madridistas around the world are probably yearning for a less heart-stopping action in the next few matches.


Bulgarian striker becomes hero in an instant


Former Manchester City striker Valeri Bojinov isn’t doing much on the field these days, but the work he did off the field recently is far more important than any game.

According to Yahoo! Europsort, the Bulgarian was back in his home country when he became an instant hero to a man and his family. He was out shopping at the Vitosha Park mall he saw a man reportedly choking on his tongue. Bojinov performed first aid on the man, helping to pull his tongue out of his throat.

"The man was on the ground and was no longer breathing," said eyewitness Krum Savov. "His eyes rolled back and then suddenly Valeri ran to the scene and turned him on his side. The poor man was suffocating and Valeri tried to pull out his tongue – he was bitten more than once.

"I was nearby and saw Bojinov with a damaged finger. Another woman arrived on the scene and helped him to pull the victim’s head back. Only then they managed to pull the man’s tongue out and stabilize him. He gradually began to regain consciousness."

What a man. Hopefully he can get back to some on-field heroics soon.


Keeper helps save man’s life moments after getting sent off


Scott receives his red card. Picture by Ian Burt (EDP24)

Typically after you got sent off, you head straight to the dressing rooms, either downtrodden or in a fit of rage. For Stocksbridge keeper Ben Scott this weekend, that was never an option. He had a more important job to do: Save someone’s life.

After Scott was red-carded for a dangerous high tackle just minutes before the end of Stocksbridge’s match at King’s Lynn Town FC, a young girl ran up to him, maybe thinking that a goalkeeper can save just about anything, and notified him that a man in his 70s had collapsed in the crowd. 

Scott’s day job is as a staff nurse at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, and he quickly made his way over to the man.

Scott told the BBC:

“I started walking off the field, getting a nice bit of abuse as you do, when I noticed a young girl running past me.

“She said, ‘a gentleman’s died’, so I followed her into the crowd and came across the gentleman on the floor. His heart was in an irregular rhythm.”

Working together with members of the on-site ambulance crew, Scott said they were able to use a defibrillator to give the collapsed fan a shock, helping his heart return to a normal rhythm.

There should be little argument that Scott made his biggest save of his career.