Toulouse try to butter up Zlatan on his birthday


In case you haven’t heard (and if so, shame on you), Friday is the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s birthday - his 33rd to be exact - and to help celebrate everybody’s favorite Swedish export, a league rival(!) has sent along a special birthday message.

Ligue 1 side Toulouse went all out in their not-so-subtle attempt to sweet-talk their way into Zlatan’s good graces. After having been scored on five times by Zlatan in four games, Toulouse are clearly hoping that the PSG striker will take it easier on them in the future.

"We’re not expecting any favor in return but we still hope that you will remember it when we play again in February," the postscript read.

Just how ridiculous was this letter? Here is an excerpt from Toulouse’s website, translated from French:

We can only applaud your visionary talent. Oh Great Z, know that despite the perverse pleasure that you could take in scoring goals against us these last two seasons, we are not vindictive. We want to thank you. For everything.

But that’s not all! In what must be a first in professional sports, Toulouse also sent Zlatan a few presents:

…on this day of celebration, we’re sending you a surprise gift parcel which we hope you will delight you and your offspring.

You’ll find a balm to heal your heel pain, two of our jerseys with your kids’ names on as well as a shoot-em-up video game you love so much.

Happy birthday and long live the Z!

Highly doubtful that this will work out in Toulouse’s favor. In fact, we expect Zlatan to send them a thank you card after he scores two hat tricks - one in each half - in their February clash.

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Youngster unimpressed by Barcelona shirt on birthday

Sometimes you don’t always get what you want. Case in point: This kid.

There’s really only one explanation for this boy’s pouty reaction to getting a Barcelona jersey. He has to be a Real Madrid fan, right?

If he’s not, then he surely doesn’t know how to react to a gift you don’t want. The handbook clearly states that you repeat the gift name, smile wide and then start eying another (hopefully better) present.

What an amateur!

Just kidding. Sort of. But here’s to hoping the youngster wound up getting a birthday present he really did want.

(h/t WhoAteAllThePies)