Soccer fan gets horrific mash-up tattoo of Luis Suarez as Hannibal Lecter


It’s been hard not to laugh at some of the details of Luis Suarez’s latest Bite-Gate saga, not least his claims that he didn’t deliberately bite Giorgio Chiellini.

Now, one crazy fan decided to take the mocking of Suarez to another level. The fan posted an image of his new tattoo - a mash-up of Uruguayan striker Suarez and the cannibal Hannibal Lecter - on Twitter. This impressed absolutely nobody.

We can only assume a heavy night of drinking was involved in his decision making, otherwise this would be inexcusable. How bizarre!

(H/T: Metro)


PSV’s Memphis Depay’s protective mask is nightmare fuel

image(Image: Getty)

That, right there, is quite the busted-up eye. PSV Eindhoven’s Memphis Depay picked up the shiner over the weekend against Vitesse Arnhem, courtesy of an errant elbow.

Reportedly, Depay is medically cleared to play this weekend against Roda, so long as he wears a protective mask. So, how do you make a scary young talent even more frightening?


(Image: 101GG)

Like that. You add a flesh-colored demon mask, that’s how. Depay looks like the unfortunate hell-spawn of Hannibal Lecter and Michael Myers.

Here’s to hoping it’s only temporary, because we can’t imagine anyone wanting to mark the 20-year-old when he’s sporting that.

(h/t 101GG)