Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo handshake a fine example of awkwardness?


(Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images)

After a long, drawn-out journey to get to Real Madrid, €100 million man Gareth Bale finally arrived in Spain. There to greet him was €94 million man (whose crown as “most expensive footballer” was usurped by Bale), Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid photogs presumably captured the first meeting between the two starlets. Or, at the very least, helped stage the handshake Real Madrid PR folks felt best conveyed: “Hey! Look how buddy-buddy these two individuals are!”

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Introducing the most awkward handshake in soccer history

Looking for a highlight from Monday’s highly-anticipated match between Manchester United and Chelsea? Good luck. What was billed as a potential classic between two Premier League title favorites turned out to be a dull, goalless draw.

The best that came out of the heavyweight matchup was this series of Getty Images, which caught the most awkward prematch handshake humanly possible between Jose “The Special One” Mourinho, and United boss David Moyes, dubbed by home fans as “The Chosen One.”


Moyes: “Uhh, what are you doing?”


Mourinho: “I don’t know, but it’s too late to change it now.”


Moyes: “Well, this is awkward. I’m sure nobody on social media will mock us for this.”

To put the clumsy handshake into context, the relationship between Mourinho and Moyes has soured as of late, with Chelsea’s transfer pursuit of United star Wayne Rooney being the main reason behind the squabble:

(H/T Dirty Tackle)


LeBron James meets David Beckham courtside


These two could be seeing a lot more of each other.

The newly retired David Beckham is in Miami and is working on a new sports venture: owning a professional soccer team.

After meeting with Miami’s mayor Carlos Gimenez on Saturday, Beckham toured both Sun Life Stadium and Florida International University’s stadium in the effort to find a home for a potential Miami MLS team.

Mayor Gimenez:

"We’re ready and we’re excited about the possibility of having top-flight professional soccer back in Miami. With people from all over the world living in our community, this is an ideal market for MLS and David Beckham is the right person to make it happen."

After a weekend of hard work in South Florida, Becks was able to kick back and watch LeBron James and the Miami Heat dominate the Indiana Pacers for a Game 7 win and a third straight trip to the NBA Finals.

Let’s hope that Beckham does indeed secure an MLS team in Miami and decides to hang out with LeBron on the regular.

This is just too much star power to pass up.

GIF via Kick.TV