Hitting the London Scene: Wembley Dreams


Photo: Thomas Hautmann / FOX Soccer

By Thomas Hautmann

On Friday, the FOX Soccer crew headed to Wembley for a walkthrough ahead of Saturday’s big game. The stadium is quite a sight: you can see the whole of it as soon as you get off the Underground stop at Wembley Park. I’ve never been to London before, but I do have seen plenty of modern stadiums and have to say Wembley is amongst the finest I’ve been to. Sadly, I’d never been to the old one.

Rob Stone, Eric Wynalda, and Warren Barton, visibly jetlagged yet looking dapper as ever, made their way to their little studio, the press box and finally on to the pitch, where I reverted back to being 10 years old, feeling as happy as a clam. And then depressed because I never realized my dream of actually playing on such a perfect pitch.

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Trecker’s Travels, Day Three: May Day


Photo: Jamie Trecker / FOX Soccer

By Jamie Trecker


The drums began around 11 this morning. I walked out of the flat I am renting and turned right into a group of policemen. They were keeping one eye on a rag-tag group that had gathered in the courtyard of the Salford Cathedral, next to one of Chapel Street’s better-known pubs.

This is May bank holiday weekend in England, and here in Manchester it is the weekend for May Day protests. May 1 saw protests around the globe – crowds rallied in Athens and Madrid to protest austerity measures and Seattle made news as 18 marchers were arrested after eight policemen were injured. Here, May Day was delayed, but not deferred.

May Day goes unremarked upon in the United States. The traditional start of spring in Europe doesn’t have the same visceral connection to workers in the States as it does here, and, to my chagrin, most European news of late in our press has started and stopped with Amanda Knox. But Manchester has a long history of worker activism and the city has never lost their emotional tie to this holiday.

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