Traveling Hamburg fans to receive sweet compensation

After Hamburg lost in pathetic fashion on Saturday — demolished 9-2 by FC Bayern — HSV captain Heiko Westermann called his team’s performance “a joke” and said he was “embarrassed to be wearing the Hamburg shirt.”

Nobody could feel worse about the loss than the players on the pitch, but what about the dedicated fans who traveled across the country to watch that disaster? There’s no doubt they felt quite ashamed of their club’s performance.

It seems that Hamburg’s front office felt the same way. On Sunday, the team announced on their website that all fans who traveled to Munich will be refunded in a special way for their money spent, time wasted and feeling of shame. The club invited them to a grill outing with the players! Each fan will also receive complimentary tickets to their home game against Fortuna Dusseldorf in three weeks.

We definitely think this is a great idea, but a word of advice to the Hamburg squad: just don’t go out and get swept off the field again!