Liga MX is back and already providing wacky entertainment

Anyone that watches Liga MX knows that crazy things happen all the time, and today’s match between Leon and America was no exception. The Apertura is barely underway, and Leon goalkeeper William Yarbrough has put himself in the running for blunder of the season with this one:

From the slip to holding the ball out to chucking it back over the line, this is golden material for a soccer blooper reel. 

The only question is why did he hold on? WHY? Put it over the bar, punch it out — anything but exactly what he did would’ve worked out just fine.


Petr Cech aces “ultimate goalkeeping drill”


Think stopping free kick blasts struck at 75+ mph is hard? Parrying shots from point-blank range? Okay, how about saving footballs and tennis balls in rapid-fire succession?

There’s a reason goalkeepers are hardly envied by their peers, but at the same time, the very best at the position possess traits coveted by all athletes, most notably their unrivaled reflexes and resolute focus.

Chelsea keeper Petr Cech - winner of three UEFA Best Goalkeeper awards — demonstrated both these skills in a recent Chelsea training video, dubbed the “ultimate goalkeeping drill:”

In the exercise, Cech is alternately ambushed by footballs kicked from both sides while tennis balls are struck at him from just a few feet away with a racquet. Incredibly, Cech doesn’t fail to catch a single one. 

Image & H/T: Pies


Keeper knocked unconscious after colliding with post

PSV goalkeeper Przemyslaw Tyton had to be put in a neck brace and taken off the pitch in an ambulance after an ugly collision with the goalpost in Sunday’s 2-1 loss to Roda.

While making a fantastic save on a free kick, Tyson’s head first crashed into the post before violently slapping off the ground, knocking him unconscious. Medical staff quickly moved in to stabilize his neck and transported him to a nearby hospital.

PSV was forced to play midfielder Ola Toivonen in net to see out the final three minutes, as the team had already used up all three substitutions, but that surely was the last of their worries at the moment. Thankfully, initial reports from the hospital say that Tyton will be okay.

H/T Dirty Tackle


Keeper helps save man’s life moments after getting sent off


Scott receives his red card. Picture by Ian Burt (EDP24)

Typically after you got sent off, you head straight to the dressing rooms, either downtrodden or in a fit of rage. For Stocksbridge keeper Ben Scott this weekend, that was never an option. He had a more important job to do: Save someone’s life.

After Scott was red-carded for a dangerous high tackle just minutes before the end of Stocksbridge’s match at King’s Lynn Town FC, a young girl ran up to him, maybe thinking that a goalkeeper can save just about anything, and notified him that a man in his 70s had collapsed in the crowd. 

Scott’s day job is as a staff nurse at Doncaster Royal Infirmary, and he quickly made his way over to the man.

Scott told the BBC:

“I started walking off the field, getting a nice bit of abuse as you do, when I noticed a young girl running past me.

“She said, ‘a gentleman’s died’, so I followed her into the crowd and came across the gentleman on the floor. His heart was in an irregular rhythm.”

Working together with members of the on-site ambulance crew, Scott said they were able to use a defibrillator to give the collapsed fan a shock, helping his heart return to a normal rhythm.

There should be little argument that Scott made his biggest save of his career.


Archer’s arrow off course in heavy Scotland defeat

Jordan Archer is beginning to establish himself as one of the unluckiest goalkeepers in the world. It was Archer that was attacked by an idiotic Gillingham supporter during Wycombe’s 1-0 win at Priestfield in February.

That assault was clearly not his fault but he was certainly to blame for one of England Under-21s’ goals in a 6-0 victory against their Scotland counterparts on Tuesday night.

Scotland were already trailing 2-0 at Bramall Lane in Sheffield when Archer attempted to clear the ball from out of his hands with, er, limited success. To be fair Connor Wickham pounced on the chance with a great finish to compound Scotland’s misery. 


Two for one! The weekend’s best goalkeeper fails


Chelsea back-up Mark Schwarzer had himself a senior moment in the club’s friendly against Roma on Saturday, allowing the softest of goals to hand Roma an opening lead. Now, goalkeepers are not known for their nimble footwork, but how can you mess up like this:

That was bad, but could it possibly be worse than this next clip?

Over in Peru, Unión Comercio’s Juan Flores tried to act super cool and ended up looking very dumb after this colossal fail just six minutes into a match against Sporting Cristal:

Do we even need to ask which one is worse?


Goalkeeper knocked unconscious after hitting post

If you’ve played goalkeeper before, you know there is always a risk of getting hurt even though you’re not a field player (just ask Petr Cech, who nearly lost his life in a scary collision with an opponent in 2006). In the Belgium Pro League this weekend, we saw exactly how scary life as a goalkeeper can be.

Sporting Lokeren’s Boubacar Copa Barry was knocked unconscious after smashing his head against the post while diving to his right to save a shot by Club Brugge’s Carlos Bacca. Barry, who is also Cote d’Ivoire’s national team keeper, remained motionless on the ground for several minutes before being stretchered off and taken to the nearest hospital.

Thankfully, Barry’s injury was not life-threatening. According to Belgian news site Knack.be, Barry suffered a concussion, but was later discharged from hospital.

UPDATE: Lokeren spokesman Romain Van Schoor said Tuesday the club ”does not expect him to play in any of the remaining games of the playoffs,” which end on May 19.