Brazilian goalkeeper scores own goal via diving header


Meet Joao Carlos.

Joao is a Brazilian goalkeeper for Serie B side Boa EC. By all accounts, he’s a rather decent one, too. In his last seven starts (before Saturday’s 2-0 loss to Avai), the 26-year-old gave up just two goals as Boa won all but one of their games.

Alas, even the best know that sometimes, crazy things just happen on the pitch. We’re talking really strange. Things you can’t do anything about, but will bury you with shame regardless.

Things like this: H/T Dirty Tackle


Goalkeeper commits awful time-wasting error to spoil victory

South African Premier League side AmaZulu FC was leading their Johannesburg rivals Bidvest Wits 1-0 in the 92nd minute, ere Tapuwa Kapini committed a goalkeeper’s cardinal sin and wasted AmaZulu’s chance to go top of the table.

Attempting to run down some clock, Kapini took the ball from outside his area and tried to dribble back towards his own net. Next thing he knew, he fell to the ground and fumbled the ball straight to an opponent, who tapped in the goal for the last-minute equalizer. Not exactly the greatest way to endear yourself to fans in a local derby.

Hmm, where have we seen this before?

Oh, right:

Sorry Juan Flores, we had to.

(H/T Dirty Tackle)


Hands on approach! Keeper sent off for moment of insanity

This is not quite the start Swedish second division side Orgryte were looking for in their clash with Hammarby. Just 44 seconds into the game an innocuous punt upfield resulted in one of those crazy moments from a goalkeeper that simply defy explanation. For the record Peter Abrahamsson was sent off and Orgryte, who are in the relegation zone and need every point they can get, went on to lose 3-0. Enjoy.


It’s Not Easy Being a Goalkeeper

The new European soccer season is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing: a new season of hilarious howlers is upon us. Yes, the anticipation is killing us, too.

Until then, luckily there’s always soccer being played somewhere, and we’ve been blessed with a pair of delicious fails this weekend that’ll make you spit out your coffee. First up, a poor judgement call by a keeper in the Korean K-League led to a goal scored from 90 yards:

That’s pretty bad, but does it “top” this next clip? We highly doubt it.

The German 2nd division began play again this weekend, and in the match between Cologne and Dynamo Dresden, Cologne’s Timo Horn was clearly caught off guard by a back pass and, amazingly, decided to juggle his way out of trouble in his own penalty area:

He gets style points for the attempt, but he might want to leave the juggling to the rest of the team:

(Via 101GG)


Early Candidate for Howler of the year

Diego Penny has seen better days. The goalkeeper won Peru’s Primera Division championship last season with Sporting Cristal, and a few years ago even won a start in the Premier League with Burnley.

But as we all know, life as a goalkeeper can turn in an instant.

In a match against UTC this weekend, Penny looked quite worthless (get it? huh?) as Mauro Vila’s long-range effort headed straight towards him, hit his gloves and somehow parried into the back of the net. Butterfingers!