Stjarnan win Icelandic title on dramatic late goal, opponent goes after referee

FC Stjarnan won the Icelandic league in spectacular fashion on Saturday, beating FH on a penalty kick in injury time to overtake them for the title.

Trailing FH by two points going into the match, Stjarnan needed one more goal to break the tie and steal the title from the home team on the final day. That’s when was brought down in the box by and Ólafur Karl
converted the kick to deliver one of the most dramatic finishes to a title race in recent memory.

No. 1 vs. No. 2 on the final day of the season? Check.

Title-winning goal in the 93th minute? Yup. Here are the highlights.

Player attacking the ref and requiring FOUR different teammates to hold him back? We have that, too.

What was that defender thinking? It couldn’t be more obvious of a foul!

Oh, and did FC Stjarnan sound a little familiar?

You might remember them for their infamous, way over-the-top goal celebrations, such as the classic “Going Fishing” routine and - cringe - “The Birth.”

Imagine being on the other team and losing to these guys. Horror show! And now that they’ve won the title? Let’s just say we might see our first two-minute cheerleading routine on a soccer field next season, and it will come out of Iceland.

Image via Visis.is

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New England Revolution midfielder celebrates goal with imaginary musket

imageDiego Fagundez scored the equalizer in the New England Revolution’s 2-1 win over the Chicago Fire on Sunday, and followed it up with one of the best goal celebrations of the year.

After nicking in at the far post to tie the score at 1-1, the Uruguayan midfielder positioned himself next to the three musket-wielding Minutemen behind the goal and played along with their customary gun salute after each Revs goal:

How has it taken this long for a New England player to come up with this celebration, though? Seriously! This golden opportunity has been waiting for you all this time, guys, right in front of your nose.

Finally someone did what had to be done. Well done, Diego.


Image provided by USA Today


Estonian team follows up goal with the best bowling celebration we’ve seen

Nomme Kalju’s Hidetoshi Wakui provided the new frontrunner for goal celebration of the season after using the pitch as his own private bowling alley.

Upon scoring in the Tallinn derby against FC Flora, Wakui retrieved the ball and immediately ran over to the touchline, with his teammates in tow. The goalscorer then threw a perfect strike with the Brazuca, knocking down all of his teammates bowling pins.

Great form, too!

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David Meyler celebrates goal with brilliant head-butt

What makes for a great goal celebration?

Energy, flair, attitude and acrobatics all come to mind, but it’s timeliness that might make the best ingredient of all.

Saturday, we witnessed Samuel Eto’o celebrate a Chelsea goal by using the corner flag as a cane, poking fun at himself after his true age has been publicly questioned. On Sunday, Hull City’s David Meyler utilized current events to his advantage, as well.

After giving Hull a 2-0 advantage over Sunderland in the FA Cup quarterfinals, Meyler ran over to the corner flag and gave it a solid, playful head-butt, only a week after Newcastle manager Alan Pardew controversially head-butted Meyler in a sideline altercation. Genius!


Celebrations kick it up a notch in FIFA 14

FIFA is undoubtedly the world’s best-selling sports video game franchise, and one of the most anticipated features each year is the updated goal celebrations package. The game’s release is just two weeks away, and to tease it, EA Sports has now revealed all the new colorful ways you can make your favorite players taunt computer-controlled opponents.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the NFL, where celebrations earn players penalties and fines regularly. In the beautiful game, the more extensive your dance routine after a goal, the better. It’s totally acceptable to bust out a highly intricate “Le Cirque Labelle” routine, do the chicken dance, or even try “riding the cat” (really EA Sports?), as made famous by Congo goalkeeper Muteba Kidiaba:

Our money is on that one being the most used celebration in the game this year.

Sadly, you still can’t have your players do the one thing that isn’t allowed on the pitch — taking off their shirts (please don’t tell Mario Balotelli, he’ll be crushed). That option might never be included, but perhaps FIFA can meet us halfway. How about including an option of customizing your own undershirt messages?