Golazo! Futsal player scores incredible back-heel goal from long distance

"With them moves like Zlatan, he’s got the moves like Zlatan…"

Brazilian futsal player Marcio channeled his inner Zlatan Ibrahimovic and scored an outrageous golazo against Jaraguá on Monday night.

To his fantastic goal, Marcio, who henceforth shall also be known as Zlatinho, told SporTV: “I was fortunate to catch the ball well, scoring a great goal. It is certainly one of the best goals of my career.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for his side, Marechal Rondon. Jaraguá won, 2-1.

H/T The Guardian


Spanish futsal player scores brilliant heel flick goal

In a Spanish futsal match between Burela and Deportivo Xota, Jorge Matamoros scored one of the most spectacular goals of the year. Receiving a pass from the halfway line, Matamoros scored on a reflexive backheel that lobbed the keeper, who was as dumbfounded by the brilliant touch as the commentator, and as you most likely are.

Go on, watch it again. And a few more times.

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