Austrian player makes grave mistake: touching Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Here’s a good reminder that while you should always “Dare to Zlatan,” thou shalt never actually dare to touch Zlatan:

Rubin Okotie is one lucky man.

Lucky that Zlatan was in a good enough mood to let him finish the match and go home to his family with a story he can tell his grandchildren one day.  "I touched Zlatan and I lived."

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Zlatan’s acceptance speech has teammates dying from laughter

imageImage: AP

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has dominated the French first division ever since his transfer to PSG two years ago but French, the language? Not so much.

After picking up his second straight Ligue 1 Player of the Year trophy on Sunday, as well as the ‘Top Scorer’ and ‘Best Goal’ awards (a hat-trick for Zlatan, as per usual), PSG’s Swedish superstar wanted to give his acceptance speech in the native tongue.

But while Zlatan is fluent in five languages, French isn’t yet one of them, and teammates Salvatore Sirigu and Marco Verratti couldn’t help but crack up in the audience: