Radamel Falcao, Steven Gerrard try out for MLB career


As has become tradition, many of the best European clubs are in the United States for a preseason tour, and once again, quite a few stars are finding time to try their hands at American sports.

Last summer, you may remember Juventus star Andrea Pirlo trying out at American Football. This year, baseball seems to be the sport of choice.

While in Miami for Monaco’s friendly vs Colombian side, Radamel Falcao went to the Marlins Stadium batting cages to take a few cuts, and he was quite impressive, too. Falcao lined a couple of frozen ropes straight back to the pitcher, almost decapitating him on one of them! WATCH:

Meanwhile, on the northern end of the Atlantic coast, in Boston, Liverpool players also took some batting practice before their friendly match against Roma at Fenway Park.

Based on his form, Steven Gerrard might need to take a few pointers from Falcao next time they see each other:

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Colombian town stages sheep soccer match to celebrate World Cup

image"Neymar" embarks on a scintillating run down the touchline (Image: AP)

The Colombian town of Nobsa celebrated the imminent start to the World Cup by staging a soccer match played entirely by sheep.

Split into two teams — one representing Colombia and the other World Cup hosts Brazil — the sheep were dressed in customized jerseys and named in honor of the actual stars that will take the field in a week’s time.

According to the AP, roughly 500 “beer-soused” spectators showed up to watch the four-legged footballers, who were “trained for two weeks to recognize and kick a foam soccer ball through a rustic goalpost made of wooden logs.”

Judging from the AP’s “official” match report, the sheep could have benefited from a longer training camp:

The hard work was little in evidence, though. Sheep are highly social animals, seeking safety from predators in large herds, and their shepherd handlers had to keep pulling on ropes tied to the animals’ necks to keep the bleating players scattered and moving so they wouldn’t end up munching lazily on what grass remained on the improvised pitch.

Thankfully, The Guardian has dug up footage of this sporting spectacle, which the Colombia sheep won, 4-3:

Let’s hope the real action we’ll see in Brazil won’t be this baaaaaaad.

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Japanese fans boost away attendance with cardboard cutouts


Japanese first division club Omiya Ardija doen’t have a huge fan base,  but certainly a creative one.

While Omiya’s home attendances rank among the lowest in the J-League year after year, a dozen or two of their most loyal fans traveled over 300 miles to a mid-week away game at Tokushima Vortis.

Perhaps ashamed of their small numbers, the group came up with a brilliant solution to boost their presence and undoubtedly the team’s morale — handmade cardboard cutouts!

As you can see, the attention to detail here is impeccable. Except for the whole “not having a face” thing. But the effort — from decking the cardboard fans out in jerseys, hats and even Hawaiian shirts, to handing one of them an actual drum — has to be applauded.

Plus, the cardboard still looks more realistic than what Italian Serie B side Triestina did a few seasons ago. Remember this?

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Meanwhile, in Serie A…

imageGetty Images

It appears the good folks at Sampdoria handle pitch invaders a little bit differently.

After a bikini-clad woman intruded onto the field, her captor just picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and carried her off the field like a trophy.

Where to? We don’t have the faintest idea.

And into the wedding sack you go!


Wilfried Zaha introduces “Gilmore Support Shorts” to the world

image"I have to take pictures with these on!? That wasn’t part of the deal!"

There seems to be an influx in groin injuries in the Premier League at the moment, with Wayne Rooney and Sergio Aguero among those affected. One player who has no such worries? Manchester United’s Wilfried Zaha.

No, those funky-looking - shall we say, “innovative”- compression shorts you see above are not a joke gift. They actually exist, and Zaha actually endorses them, though by the look of his facial expression he knows this is pretty much bottom of the barrel as far as endorsements go.

The shorts are supposed to help prevent injury, however, which is the big plus. Created by a Harley Street doctor named O J A Gilmore, an expert on groin injuries, the Gilmore Support Shorts are “designed for the prevention & management of groin, adductor, hamstring and lower back injuries.”

Clearly, it’s all about that “Pubic Symphysis Support.” Snug! 

Speaking of which, the brand’s website offers a hilarious little warning in their FAQ:

Please remember not to wear the shorts too often the first few times as they will be tight and will need time to break into your shape. Its compression is working in areas that may not have been used to tight contact before.

Gee, we wonder what area they’re talking about!

imageThere’s no going back to Under Armour once you try on these bad boys (Images: gilmoresupportshorts.co.uk).

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Guingamp fans travel to French Cup final in tractors

imageImage: Twitter/

Forget planes, trains and automobiles. For supporters of French club Guingamp, all you need to get from A to B are … tractors!

Living up to the club’s nickname - ‘The Farmers’ - hundreds of Guingamp fans traveled to Paris for their Coupe de France final against Rennes in the super-slow-moving vehicles. Obviously, this made for some hilarious scenes on French highways:

The trip from Guingamp to Paris takes about four and half hours by car, so you can only imagine how long and uncomfortable that journey must have been. In fact, according to Metro, some fans feared it might take them so long, they reportedly left for Paris a day early and slept in the tractors overnight!

Thankfully the Farmers won the final 2-0 over Rennes for their second-ever cup triumph. Had they lost, that would have made for one miserable drive back!

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Didier Drogba hits his own banner with wayward free kick

imageImage: Reuters

Didier Drogba was awfully quiet in his highly-anticipated return to Stamford Bridge, as his Galatasaray side crashed out of the Champions League with a 2-0 second-leg loss to Chelsea. The former Blues striker and fan favorite struggled to get touches all night, but ‘The Drog’ still made sure he reminded Chelsea fans of the mark he left at the Bridge - literally!

In the first half with Chelsea already up 1-0, Drogba hit a free kick so poorly it struck a large “Drogba Legend” banner that hung in the upper tier of the Matthew Harding Stand.

Was it just a coincidence that Jose Mourinho discussed the prospect of Drogba returning to Chelsea, in any capacity, just hours earlier? Was Drogba sending a message that, yes, he indeed belonged in London? Or was it just a successful ploy by the Chelsea fans to distract Drogba with kindness and affection?

Either way, it made for a funny little moment in a not-so-funny night for Drogba.

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Deadline day falls apart because wife goes into labor


Swansea defender Neil Taylor could have taken a seat on Fulham’s bench today were it not for the birth of his second child!

Taylor was reportedly on the cusp of a move to the Cottagers ahead of Friday’s transfer deadline when his wife unexpectedly went into labor mid-afternoon. As if the workings of deadline day weren’t already complicated enough, this personal matter understandably scratched any hopes of sealing the deal.

Fulham were said to be desperate to sign the left back, tabling an offer of around $6.5 million. And Taylor, who has struggled to get minutes under Michael Laudrup since returning from a lengthy injury spell, would probably have welcomed a move to London as well. Alas, it looks like divine intervention was at play here.

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Goalkeeper scolded for falling out of tree trying to save cat


If you saw a cat stuck in a tree, would you save it?

Victor Francoz did, but paid dearly for it. The French goalkeeper for English semi-pro side Oxford City fell out of the tree and injured himself while trying to save a cuddly feline. Francoz will have to miss two weeks of action thanks to a deep gash in his calf. And to make matters worse, his coach Mike Ford has “no sympathy” for the fallen hero.

Ford told The Oxford Mail:

"It’s ridiculous. I’ve not got any sympathy for him at all because he’s done it to himself. He fell out of a tree when he was trying to get a cat.

He’s got a deep cut and unfortunately now we don’t have Victor because he’s gone back to France for a couple of weeks to have treatment. You just don’t get professional players climbing trees.”

The 23-year-old signed for the club this past summer with hopes of a playing career in England, but will now be unable to take part in Oxford’s next few games. His worst-case scenario? The fireman stunt may cost him his place as first-choice goalkeeper.

Dude, next time try 911.

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John Terry nutmegged by his own son after Man United win

Chelsea captain John Terry had himself a good day on Sunday, as his side beat Manchester United 3-1 behind a hat trick from Samuel Eto’o. But the best trick of the game may have occurred well after the final whistle.

Playing with his two kids on the Stamford Bridge pitch after the match, Terry was nutmegged by his son Georgie! And just seconds later, Terry gets Georgie back with a nutmeg of his own, just to make sure they know Daddy is still the best.

Thankfully TV cameras caught the moment. Maybe David Moyes can show his team how to get past the Chelsea defense next time.

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