Bench collapse provides funniest team picture of all time

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Derry City were posing for their official team picture this past week when suddenly the bench in the first row collapsed. We all owe whoever was able to take a snapshot of the carnage a huge “Thank You.”

The second attempt went much more smoothly:

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Austrian player makes grave mistake: touching Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Here’s a good reminder that while you should always “Dare to Zlatan,” thou shalt never actually dare to touch Zlatan:

Rubin Okotie is one lucky man.

Lucky that Zlatan was in a good enough mood to let him finish the match and go home to his family with a story he can tell his grandchildren one day.  "I touched Zlatan and I lived."

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Is this the best or worst fake choke of all time?

An amateur soccer match somewhere in Germany got a bit out of hand as coaches from both teams scuffled on the sidelines, leading to one of the most outrageous dives you’ll ever see.

In the middle of a heated shouting match, a coach on the green team gets shoved in the neck area ever so slightly, nonetheless causing him to drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

It’s all rather hilarious, including the fact that the “victim” gets right back up after obviously not winning over the referees’ sympathies.

Amateur sports at their finest!

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This is what happens when fair play goes horribly wrong

It’s common practice for a team to kick the ball out of bounds when an opponent is injured, and then for an opposing player to return it to them. They teach that to you when you’re a kid: play fair. 

It’s usually a straight-forward event, and the match continues without further incident.

But sometimes this courteous gesture goes, horribly, terribly wrong:

And because this happened in the 90th minute of the match, Polonia Warsaw wasn’t able to continue the fair play tradition and walk the ball back into their own net (though, to be fair, it wasn’t really their fault the keeper was daydreaming).

Welcome to the blooper reel, Blekitni Gabin goalkeeper. You’ll be on it forever.

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Player scores, celebrates by giving himself a round of applause in the stands

It’s not often you get to applaud yourself for a job well done. But Trakai striker Dmitriy Kovb did that — in the most literal sense — after scoring for his club.

The Belarusian has excellent form with this celebration. Hands raised and cupped perfectly, an impressed look on his face while looking relaxed with his leg up on his opposite knee. 

Two thumbs up, Dmitriy.



Sub runs onto pitch to block goal, kind of gets away with it

Entering the field of play when you’re not supposed to is generally frowned upon — even more so when you stop an almost-certain goal from being scored.

A player in Iran did just that, and it actually kind of worked out for him. He was sent off, but his team kept all 11 players on the pitch, and their opponents didn’t score the ensuing direct kick. Win-win.

But honestly, the biggest question we have after watching that is why the sub didn’t just save it with his hands. It’s not like he wasn’t going to be caught.

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Cue the Borat jokes, everybody!

Field conditions were comically bad over at a league match in Kazakhstan this week, so bad that one corner was completely under water.

However, as you can see the players still had to obey the laws of the game, and a routine corner kick instantly became a comedy routine:

First, #22 tries to sneak in the first ever underhand-corner-throw-in, before he gets chided by the ref. He then calls over his buddy for an ingenius 2-man indirect corner kick that surprisingly works rather well. Lastly, the ball ominously floats towards the same corner, which would’ve made this video 100 times better, but this time the ball takes a plunge before it reaches out of bounds!