Puma haunts Brazilians with “Ghost of 1950” in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil last hosted a World Cup in 1950, and it was one that ended in unmitigated disaster for El Selecao.

Facing Uruguay in the final in front of 200,000 plus at Maracana Stadium, Brazil let a 1-0 lead slip away in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in football history. The memory haunts Brazilians to this day, and Puma is apparently looking to keep it that way.

In a brilliant piece of marketing, Uruguay’s official kit sponsor sent “The Ghost of 1950” (“El Fantasma del 50”) to Rio de Janeiro to remind Brazilians of their national nightmare. In the TV spot, you’ll find a couple fantastic shots of the ghost scaring the beejezus out of beach-goers and pedestrians.

All in good fun, unless Brazil suffer another heart-breaking loss to Los Charruas.

H/T Dirty Tackle


Sky Sports Germany felt so confident that Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund would march on to the Champions League final that it came out with this outrageous advertisement mocking its Spanish opponents ahead of the semifinal second legs.

The ad opens in a Spanish bull-fighting arena with a matador screaming in agony. We then see the matador, fat, disheveled and defeated, with a Bayern and a Dortmund flag sticking out of his rear end. The words then appear on the screen: “Adios Amigos! The road to Wembley” (translated)

Cheeky? Arrogant? Maybe, but who can blame Sky after the two Bundesliga squads outscored Spain’s Barcelona and Real Madrid by a combined score of 8-1 in the first legs.

The ad hasn’t jinxed the German teams yet, but it certainly came close. Borussia Dortmund held off a spirited Madrid rally on Tuesday, losing 0-2 but squeaking by on aggregate, 4-3.