Lionel Messi opts for pizza, Pique a fan of Nutella sandwiches after games


(Image illustration: FOXSports.com)

It could be suggested that our obsession with soccer players borders on the absurd. For instance, take the quasi-firestorm that was drummed up after a reporter from Spanish newspaper Libertad Digital leaked a photo of Barcelona’s post-game meal selections.

Seems a bit bizarre to snap a photo of what players eat after a game, but look! Look at what these guys chow down on!


(Image: Libertad Digital)

Lionel Messi has his eyes on a pizza (which is the biggest hit), although La Pulga opts for plain cheese. A few players (like Mr. Shakira, Gerard Pique) selected Nutella, a chocolate and hazelnut spread, to make a tasty sandwich.

Perhaps the most surprising reveal? Take a guess at who has the biggest appetite. If you guessed Luis Suarez, you’re wrong.

None other than diminutive midfield maestro Andres Iniesta, with an order of a ham and cheese pizza alongside a chorizo sausage and cheese sandwich, seems to have the biggest stomach.

Perhaps it seems like a lot, but consider how much running around these guys do, they can eat whatever they want.

Now, who said a picture of a menu would be boring?

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Waffle House, Bojangles’ take sides in USA-Belgium World Cup match


This is serious.

Waffle House is throwing down the syrup and picking sides in the World Cup. The chain has weighed in on the USA’s Round of 16 clash against Belgium:

Not to be outdone, Southern fast food chain Bojangles’ joined in on the waffle-hating.

If anyone was looking for a tipping point for soccer in America, this has got to be it.

That said, we have to agree with some of the comments and responses to the Waffle House post. If the United States were playing France, would we be boycotting “France” fries?

Probably not.


Massive World Cup barbecuing making Chile’s smog worse


Hold your breath, Chilean fans, it’s going to be a smoggy night.

Chile’s government is requesting that soccer fans don’t participate in the national pastime of barbecuing during World Cup matches because of air pollution. 

Apparently, the clouds of smoke coming from the grills full of charred meats are exacerbating Santiago’s pollution problem. The additional smoke from burning charcoal during Chile’s match against Australia on June 13 nearly reached the level of an environmental emergency. Before Wednesday’s match, officials declared a “pre-emergency,” banning wood-burning stoves, restricting the use of cars and ordering the closure of more than 1,000 companies.

From the BBC:

“When we have low winds and we’re at critical levels what we are saying is that people should avoid burning charcoal because that makes the air quality worse,” said Claudio Orrego, the government official responsible for the Santiago region, on Wednesday. “I’ve been the butt of a lot of jokes for this and I take it with humor, but I also urge people to take it seriously.”

But after Chile’s historic win over Spain, good luck keeping Chileans from their celebratory “asado.”

(h/t Bloomberg)


World Cup fever reaches the fine world of pizza cuisine


World Cup fever has now reached the pizza oven.

What better way to celebrate the tournament than taking a cheesy bite out of a pizza decorated with some famous World Cup scenes?

Pizza Express put together some pretty impressive creations, including England lifting the World Cup in 1966, Paul Gascoigne crying at Italia 1990, Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ and Zinedine Zidane’s 2006 head-butt.

Take a look:

imageNow who’s hungry?

(h/t Who Ate All The Pies/Metro)

(Images: Pizza Express)


Man United’s Shinji Kagawa missed Newcastle game due to overeating

imageImage: Getty

For much of the season, Manchester United fans have been yearning for Shinji Kagawa to get more playing time. In Saturday’s loss to Newcastle, Kagawa again found himself on the sidelines, but this time it was all his own doing.

Kagawa apparently indulged himself in such an epic food binge that he soon fell ill and needed to get his stomach pumped!

What, did Shinji think he was countrymate Takeru Kobayashi all of a sudden?

imageImage: Getty/Jonas Nakas (FOXSports.com)

Here’s what manager David Moyes told the club’s official website:

"Shinji was very sick after the [Everton] game and he did a bit of training on Friday but he was low. All of the stats that we look at were low so we felt we had better not take a risk in case we got an injury by playing him."

"It was a bad sickness. He thinks he ate too much, and he had to get his stomach pumped, but I think he is okay."

Yikes! As if Man United didn’t have enough problems at the moment, now players are eating their way out of the matchday roster and into the hospital.

Could it be that Kagawa’s food frenzy was just a “heavy” consequence of United’s struggles? After all, pyschologists say some people overeat mainly out of depression!


Newcastle treats new signings to some home cooking


After seemingly signing an entire French outfit during the transfer window, Newcastle United now has an incredible 14 French-speaking players on their squad. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the club has undergone some changes, starting with la cuisine. The club decided to welcome its new patrons with a full French menu in a cafeteria decked out in French flags.

Not sure how the rest of the players feel about this, but they’re in the minority now so…c’est la vie!

Picture courtesy of NU player (non French)


"Goals are like ketchup."

An unusually philosophical Keisuke Honda commented on his recent goal drought after Japan edged Iraq in a World Cup qualifier today. He told reporters, “goals are like ketchup. Sometimes it doesn’t come out of the bottle and sometimes it squirts all over the place.”

Who knew?