World Cup Day 23: Netherlands vs. Argentina


In case you haven’t heard, the 2014 World Cup final is set: Germany vs. Argentina. Or, Lionel Messi vs. THE MACHINE, as Jon Champion so eloquently put it.

Mmm, tasty!

One thing immediately became clear: Just 24 hours after Germany handed Brazil its most humiliating defeat of all time, the hosts couldn’t jump on Germany’s bandwagon quick enough. Funny how this game goes sometimes:

Speaking of, Wednesday’s semifinal (or should I say, zzzzzz-emifinal) between Argentina and the Netherlands was NOTHING like Germany’s rout.

All you really need to know is that the Dutch and Albiceleste combined for five shots on goal for the entire 90 minutes and extra-time, the same number of goals Germany scored in 19 minutes of the first half on Tuesday. Yeah…

So how did we get to this World Cup final rematch of 1990 and 1986, the “rubber match” if you will between Germany and Argentina? Check out the best tweets:


The big story of the first half was Javier Mascherano visibly seeing stars after a head-to-head collision, then being allowed to play on. Yet another concussion controversy in soccer. Ho-hum:

Somehow, that was literally the only talking point of the first half

Half time!

Alas, the second 45 minutes were much like the first:

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RVP’s diving header gets Photoshop treatment


You knew it was only a matter of time.

Robin van Persie’s epic goal against Spain, which already locked up its place in Oranje World Cup lore, has become its own meme.

Here are the best ones of the bunch:


Oh, and then there is this:


Two of the peace doves released in the World Cup opener are dead


What was supposed to be a symbol of peace had a tragic ending. Two of the three doves released during the World Cup opening ceremony instantly flew to their deaths.

But not to worry, one of the doves found safety in the press box, so hope for world peace is still alive and well.

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Xabi Alonso takes us back to the 2010 World Cup final with odd photoshoot


Remember this? Of course you do.

You’re not going to believe this, but Spain’s Xabi Alonso, the victim of Nigel De Jong’s infamous kung-fu kick to the chest, does as well. In fact, he played off the lasting image of the 2010 World Cup final in a tongue-in-cheek photoshoot for adidas.

In the shoot, Alonso is seen wearing a chest bandage marked by De Jong’s bloody footprint. Gross.

Image via Marca

Let’s hope the two sides take it a little easier in their Group B opener on Friday. After all, it’s just the group stage.

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#TBT: Brazil, the forever home of Joga Bonito

The long four year wait is finally over and 2014 World Cup is upon us. In case you hadn’t heard, this edition of the tournament is being held in Brazil, the home of joga bonito.

Many impostors may try to emulate their unique style, but there is only one Brazil. Their rhythm is matched to music — and it’s quite the catchy beat:

If this doesn’t get you dancing in your seat, you might want to check your pulse.