Atalanta fans crush rival cars with tank as new club signing takes joy ride


Image via Forza Italian Football

Giulio Migliaccio signed with Serie A club Atalanta last week, and has already managed to get himself into hot water.

When a player signs with a new team, there is a natural reaction to want the fan base to like you, even if it means taking part in endeavors that are not the most well-thought out. Like say, riding in a tank. At a preseason fan festival, Atalanta supporters painted two cars to represent rival clubs Brescia and Roma.

With Migliaccio aboard a tank — yes, an actual tank — this happened:

The midfielder said he was unaware of what was going on until the tank was going over the cars, but apologized for the incident anyway:

”I only realized when the tank was going over them, and since I could not see because I was high up and at the back, I did not know that they had the symbols of two football clubs on them.”

The Italian soccer federation has now opened an investigation into the incident. It may be fun to ride tanks, but it’s something that is usually frowned upon outside of the military.


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