Welcome to the ’80s: Denim is the new team color for Napoli

Serie A team Napoli has decided to take a stab at high fashion in their latest kit design.

We’re just not sure what decade we’re in.

Take a look at the denim themed kits. 

And yes, those are shirts AND shorts in what appears to be simulated blue jean fabric.

 Look closely: are those fake denim seams?

Napoli unveiled the design as one of their alternate kits, branding it as ‘Perfect Denim.’

This is a scare tactic for their opponents, right?

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Versace’s World Cup tee is a masterpiece and also will only cost you $690 


How could you not buy this T-shirt? It’s got soccer balls, silhouettes of soccer players, exotic flowers, gold chains, Versace’s signature baroque print and a winged Medusa head in the middle … it’s literally perfect!

Forget that the super-high-end fashion label’s special World Cup tee runs $690, or between half and a third of the price of a plane ticket to Brazil. This cotton masterpiece is a must-have for anyone who calls themselves a true soccer fan. Or anyone that enjoys staring at Grateful Dead tapestries while partaking in extracurricular activities …

All jokes aside, you’d probably have to pay us $690 to wear this shirt in public, or, at the very least, have rapper Migos follow us around all day while blasting his signature single. Hit it!

imageVersace, Versace, Medusa head on me like I’m ‘Luminati!

If you need any more convincing to shell out seven Benjamins for one giant eye-sore of a shirt, check out its amazingly ostentatious description on Versace's website:

To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Donatella Versace has created a special t-shirt that combines the passions of football with the vivid iconography of the Versace DNA. A brand new Versace baroque print is created using the colors of a Brazilian carnival, decorated with repeated images footballs and flowers. Gold chains and leopard print add luxury, while silhouettes of football players connect the glamour of Versace with the sportsmanship of Brazil. At the heart of the t-shirt is the iconic Medusa head, with a special Versace rock twist.

Ah yes, we really needed to add the leopard print and gold chains “for luxury.” Otherwise it totally wouldn’t have been worth the price tag.


Mario Balotelli shows off flashy new haircut

If there’s on thing that’s certain in world football, it’s that Mario Balotelli will never stop fascinating us in new and different ways. Today, he showed off what can only be described as an intersting new hair cut.

That had to have taken at least an hour. Just look at the details. That’s some serious hair dedication.

You do you, Mario. We’ll keep admiring it.

Pictures via @FinallyMario


Lionel Messi continues trend of questionable fashion decisions


Oh, Lionel Messi. It’s possible we at the FOX Soccer Blog just aren’t fashion-forward enough to understand what’s going on here. Or, perhaps whatever deity blessed you with the uncanny ability with a football neglected your sense of fashion.

Not a bad trade, in our opinion, but this latest ensemble has us wavering. Messi received his 2013 Golden Boot award on Tuesday, donning a jacket that looked more like it belonged on a washed-up rock star than a transcendent soccer god.


Now, we’re all prone to the occasional fashion disaster, but Messi seems to have made a habit of iffy choices. For example:


Messi rocked this polka-dot number earlier this year to the Ballon d’Or presentation.


A year prior, Messi opted to go with a softer look … ensconcing himself in velvet.

But it’s not all bad for the Argentine wonder. He got it right in 2011 when collecting the second of his many Ballon d’Or trophies.


Not too shabby, Leo. There’s still some hope.

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Beckham to wear commemorative boots in final home match


Image: David Beckham

Style has never been a problem for David Beckham.

On the eve of his final home match as a professional soccer player, Beckham announced he will be lacing up these custom boots for Paris Saint-Germain’s match against Brestois. He has partnered up with adidas to create these and it’s clear that they are carrying some signature Beckham style.

Beckham announced his decision on Facebook stating:

I wanted to show the passion I had playing for my country and the pride that gave me during my career. You also see the names of Victoria and the kids which have always been there on my boots.”


A touching tribute from a true family man.


What were you doing when you were 10 years old? Probably not starring in a global fashion campaign, we’d guess.

But, when your father is an international icon — both on and off the soccer pitch — you are bound for a life in the spotlight. And it looks like Romeo Beckham is soaking it all up. Check him out hamming it up — and looking completely adorable — in Burberry’s spring and summer collection. He’s certainly following in his dad’s footsteps in the fashion world! But what we really want to know: will he do the same on the field?