PSV plans stadium section for blind and visually impaired fans


(Image: PSV Media)

PSV Eindhoven is taking fan hospitality to the next level.

The team’s home base, Philips Stadium, will now have a special section in the stands for visually impaired fans.

According to the press release, the section will have room for 20 fans with vision impairments.

The specialized seats will come with headsets that will broadcast game commentary so that fans can enjoy the atmosphere and still be able to follow the action on the pitch.

Th go-ahead for the season long project came after a successful trial during the PSV/FC Groningen match last year. If this season is a success, PSV will consider expanding the number of seats.

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Tim Howard shows epic defense again as he blocks a hug from a fan

Tim Howard has become something of a national hero after his unbelievable string of saves ensured the USA came out of the World Cup with their heads held high.
Memes, a petition to the White House and phone calls from Barack Obama - just some of the hullabaloo surrounding Howard’s heroics.
The Everton and US keeper returned to Los Angeles to an excited mob of fans at LAX. He seemed happy to pose for photos and sign autographs, but one male fan decided to go too far and dive in for the hug. Just as at the World Cup, Howard denied the man access.

Police investigating surprisingly able wheelchair fans at the World Cup

According to the Independent, police in Brazil are investigating incidents where supposedly disabled patrons have leapt out of their wheelchairs to celebrate goals. 

Fans were captured on CCTV and social media standing in the disabled section during the opening game at Sao Paulo. Police believe that tickets for the section were illegally transferred. 

FIFA has previously released tickets for the sections, citing a lack of demand. However, re-selling a ticket for more than face value is a crime in Brazil — and the disabled section tickets sell for less than half the cost of those in the regular sections.

Never ones to miss a chance for a joke, some Brazilians have cited the pictures as evidence that this World Cup is creating miracles. The police aren’t seeing the funny side of it, however.

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England fans reportedly attacked by crowd in Sao Paulo

According to multiple reports, a group of England fans were attacked by a crowd in São Paulo ahead of the team’s World Cup match against Uruguay on Thursday.

The Daily Mail reports that 10 England fans were taken to the hospital after being injured by firecrackers.

Local police said one of the attackers threw improvised explosive devices at English fans drinking at a bars close to the city’s official FIFA Fan Fest. Those that got close to the fans tried tearing off their English soccer jerseys:

Police arrested 15 people and confiscated weapons including knives and brass knuckles:

The British Consulate confirmed via Twitter that they were aware of the incident:

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Uruguayan keeper finds termites in bed, police suspect foul play


Someone is messing with Uruguay’s goalkeeper — and now the police are involved.

Fernando Muslera found some creepy-crawlies in his bed in his hotel room at 2 a.m., two nights before his side’s 3-1 loss to Costa Rica. He originally thought they were ants, but, boy, was he wrong:

According to the Tribuna do Ceara, Brazil’s federal police have been called in after they discovered they were actually termites. Foul play is suspected. But then again, a police source thinks Muslera may have just left food out.

At least we know it wasn’t dulce de leche.

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Chile fans storm barrier at Maracana, break in to stadium

About 100 Chile fans busted through a security checkpoint at the Maracana stadium less than an hour before the Spain-Chile game Wednesday, damaging the media room as they desperately ran around in an apparent attempt to get into the game.

The red-shirted Chileans, mostly young men, sprinted through the huge FIFA media center underneath the stands and ran toward a corridor they apparently thought would lead to the grandstands.

But once inside that corridor, they realized it didn’t lead to the stands. They broke down a temporary wall, sending metal lockers crashing to the ground, according to AP journalists.

"I was the lone guy standing out there (near entry to press center)," security guard Diego Goncalves said. "All of a sudden they knocked down the fence and just pushed their way through."

One guard grabbed a Chilean by the neck and dragged him away.

Security guards eventually surrounded the group, made them sit on the ground and led them away in a line with each Chilean holding onto the shoulders of another in front of him.

Take a look at some of the scenes:


Japan fans clean up after themselves even after losing

Japan might not have played their best match against the Ivory Coast in their World Cup opener, but their fans were winners.

After the match, pictures surfaced of Japan’s fans cleaning up after themselves in the stands of the stadium.

Well played, fans of Japan, well played.

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Netherlands airport gives national team sweet Brazil send-off

The World Cup makes people do crazy, awesome, weird and downright special things. The game on the pitch may be the center of attention during the month-long tournament, but there’s a lot of cool action taking place off of it.

When the Netherlands national team made their way to Brazil for this summer’s World Cup, their main international airport, Schipol, sent them off with a sweet message from Dutch fans.

They even rolled out the Oranje carpet.

The players don’t seem to know what’s going on at first, but the looks on their faces when they realize what’s happening is priceless.

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Fan throws impossibly accurate paper plane during England-Peru friendly

England beat Peru 3-0 on Friday at Wembley, with Daniel Sturridge scoring this beauty of a goal, but it wasn’t even close to the highlight of the match.

No, instead that honor goes to the fan who somehow managed to craft a paper airplane that was tossed from the upper deck AND HIT A PERU PLAYER. You have to see it to believe it:

That pinpoint accuracy is nearly unbelievable. The thrower must be the smartest luckiest fan in the world — England might want to consider taking him to Brazil as a good luck charm.

Disclaimer: We do not condone throwing things onto the pitch. But this is so insane it had to be seen.


If Liverpool don’t win the league, this guy is probably to blame


Eleven years ago, diehard Liverpool fan Uke Krasniqi vowed to not cut his hair until the Reds won the league title.

He saw his beloved club win the FA, the League Cup and even the coveted Champions League — but that’s not what he wants. He wants the Premier League trophy.

With Liverpool so close to claiming their first title since the 1989-90 season — before the Premier League era — Krasniqi has decided to set up an appointment to cut his hair.

This seems like a bit of a risky move, Uke. Liverpool still have to play Chelsea, and a win for the Blues would put them just two points behind the Reds. Liverpool may be the favorites, but this is far from over.

So if the Reds can’t manage to capture their first league title in more than two decades, the Liverpool faithful will know who to blame for jinxing the club.

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