Scary scene breaks out as protesters clash with players during friendly

Maccabi Haifa players and pro-Palestinian protesters clashed during a preseason friendly between Haifa and Lille in Austria, with the incident caught on video.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a group of male fans stormed the pitch in the 85th minute waving Palestine flags. Punches were thrown and profanities exchanged between Haifa players and the pitch invaders, but security eventually removed the protesters.

Thankfully, it appears everyone emerged from the fracas uninjured.

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Trabzonspor fans get Fenerbahce match abandoned


It’s well established that Turkish sides Fenerbahce and Trabzonspor don’t like each other very much, but hostilities reached a new high on Monday night. The home Trabzonspor fans caused their fixture against the Süper Lig leaders to be abandoned after throwing missiles onto the pitch without end.

The referee had already stopped the match twice — once in the 28th minute to allow police to deal with crowd violence and a pitch invader, then again shortly after play restarted — before he was ultimately forced to call the game off before halftime. The unruliness in the stands was simply too much to bear:

According to The Guardian, fans continued to clash with police in the aftermath of the match. The intense rivalry between the two sides started in the fallout of the 2010/11 title race, when Fenerbahce overturned a significant points deficit to steal the championship away from Trabzonspor on goal difference. Fener then became the subject of a high-profile match-fixing investigation that eventually saw club president Aziz Yildirim sent to prison.

Fan violence in the stands is nothing new in Turkish football, but perhaps  Trabzonspor officials should take a page out of their rival’s book and deal their fans an unconventional punishment: only let women and children attend the next home match.


Panathinaikos manager hit in the face with Coke by rival fans

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Tensions reached an all-time high in Greece’s premier football rivalry as Panathinaikos dashed Olympiakos’ dream of becoming only the second team to win the Greek league undefeated. (Panathinaikos were the first to do so). The visitors’ 3-0 victory in what is dubbed the “Derby of the Eternal Enemies” ended Olympiakos’ 27-game unbeaten run, but was marred by chaos during and after the match.

In the second half, with the game well in hand for the visitors, Olympiakos fans grew more restless by the second. With riot police entering the grounds, the home supporters began chucking objects down onto the pitch, including a full cup of Coca-Cola that hit Panathinaikos manager Yannis Anastasiou in the face:

Hey, at least it wasn’t Pepsi.

Anastasiou wasn’t seriously hurt, but after the match Olympiakos fans continued to take their frustration out on the police outside the grounds. According to AFP, a total of eleven arrests were made.

In a separate incident, Olympiakos striker Michael Olaitan collapsed on the pitch without contact due to what doctors later deemed viral myocarditis. Olaitan was transported to a nearby hospital and is now in stable condition.

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AEK Athens fans still mad, invade pitch to wage flare war

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Every time we hear from AEK Athens, it’s for the wrong reasons. Last season alone, one AEK player received a lifetime ban for a Nazi salute, the club declared bankruptcy, and to top it all off, their own fans chased the team off the pitch after a relegation-sealing own goal.

Sadly, it looks like AEK aren’t getting over their horror season anytime soon.

Now in the third division, AEK visited Egaleo this weekend, but before the match even started visiting AEK hooligans literally attempted to invade and take over the stadium, waging a full-blown flare war with the home fans:

Caught off-guard, the riot police eventually intervened to restore order. But in the 87th minute, AEK ultras once again stirred up trouble, despite the team closing out a 2-1 win.

Win or lose, it seems AEK somehow keeps attracting negative attention. But at least, their performance on the pitch has them on course to get promoted back into the second tier of Greek football.

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Bosnian fans hurl flares at each other, interrupt match

Bosnian league leaders Željezničar beat second-placed Borac 1-0 on Saturday, but the heavyweight showdown was marred by fiery altercations between the two clubs’ fan bases.

Just before halftime, supporters turned the stands into a battlefield by tossing exploding firecrackers at each other, causing a stoppage of play that lasted for a few minutes.

Sadly, this is just par for the course in the Balkans. Just a few weeks ago, Serbia’s top rivalry between Partizan and Red Star Belgrade turned into a massive bonfire as Partizan fans set their foes’ stadium literally aflame:


Amsterdam hooligans ambush Celtic fans in pub ahead of Champions League match

Video footage has been unearthed showing around 50 Ajax hooligans ambushing a group of Celtic fans in an Amsterdam pub the night before their Champions League match. The footage was recorded by an eye witnesses from a window.

The group of thugs, all wearing coats with their hoods drawn, began banging on the pub’s windows, and you can see one Celtic fan turn towards them moments before he gets attacked from the inside.

The gang quickly fled away from the scene, but according to reports, nine arrests have been made by Amsterdam police. It is believed the hooligans targeted the pub knowing Celtic fans would be inside.

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Istanbul derby abandoned after fans storm pitch, throw chairs




Photos: Action Images

Soccer derbies don’t get any more contentious than those between Istanbul’s three major clubs — Galatasaray, Fenerbahce and Besiktas — and unfortunately, fan violence marred the first derby of the Turkish Super Lig season.

The match between Besiktas and Galatasaray had to be abandoned after fans flooded the pitch to fight with security personnel and riot police.

Tempers boiled over after Galatasaray’s Felipe Melo was given a red card with the away side leading 2-1 and the match heading into stoppage time. At that point, Besiktas fans began making their way threateningly onto the field, causing the match officials and both teams to seek shelter in the dressing rooms.

What followed was pure chaos. Hundreds of fans stormed the pitch, many of whom carried lawn chairs as weapons. Chairs and various objects were hurled about, punches were thrown, and in the midst of the melee, the red-carded Felipe Melo was even hit by a bottle.

Reports suggest the havoc started after clashes between Besiktas fans and riot police took place inside the stadium, although the Turkey Football Federation will deliver their verdict, along with the official match result, in the coming days.

Watch video of the shocking violence below:

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Colombian jerseys confiscated, fans turned away at World Cup qualifier in Argentina

Colombian fans are outraged at the unusually harsh security measures that were enforced at Friday’s World Cup qualifier in Argentina. Hundreds of Colombian national team jerseys were confiscated, and some people even denied entry into the stadium as police attempted to keep hostility between the two fan bases to a minimum.

The video is in Spanish, but it’s quite clear what’s going on. At the 3 minute mark, police turn away one lady whose jersey is hidden under a couple ofm jackets.

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The good, bad, and ugly from the Swedish Cup final

This weekend, IFK Goteborg defeated Djurgarden on penalty kicks in the Swedish Cup final, but it was the atmosphere off the pitch that was truly headline worthy.

The good: Djurgarden fans displayed an incredible tifo prior to the match (video above). With colorful smoke billowing out, the sign below read “The Gold is at the end of the rainbow.”

The bad: After losing the match in penalties, Djurgarden supporters took out their frustrations on anything they could. They took to rushing the field and started to destroy the stadium.

The ugly: In the chaos, they began to rip up seats and hurl them towards the field (video below). At one point, one of the seats hit a security guard in the head (0:44).

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Newcastle fan fights police horse

How far is this fan violence going to go? After Sunderland’s 3-0 victory over Newcastle this weekend, the fans went wild. A total of 29 people were arrested after the match. In one of the more foolish maneuvers of the weekend, this man decides to take out his frustrations on a police horse.

Stupid. Just stupid.

UPDATE: The horse that was attacked is safe, well, and back in its stable.