Saudi Arabian Premier League offers daily dose of sportsmanship

When a match doesn’t go as desired, fans and coaches often use referees as scapegoats. On the whole, though, we’d say that refs are good at doing their jobs.

That said, what in the world was the referee in this Saudi Arabian Premier League match between Al Nahda and Al Ittihad thinking? Fortunately for all of us, the players on the field restored faith in humanity after this farce. Let’s set the scene.

Al Nahdha keeper Taisir Al Antaif lines up to start play but notices his shoe is untied. This is a problem, because he’s wearing gloves from the Mickey Mouse collection. Enter: Jobson, Al Ittihad’s striker with a heart of gold.

In the vein of good sportsmanship, Jobson notices the dilemma and ties Al Antaif’s shoe for him. The two exchange a high five and the game, tied 2-2, continues.

Then the referee intervenes. He blows the whistle for Al Antiaf taking too long to star play, thus giving Al Ittihad a free kick in a very dangerous area.

Safe to say that everyone in the entire stadium, Al Ittihad fans included, think the decision is a dubious one … to put it nicely. But in the continued spirit of sportsmanship, Al Ittihad just harmlessly pushes the ball out of bounds for a goal kick. Talk about fair play.

Final score line: Benevolence 2, Miserliness 1.

(h/t LiveLeak)