Levante’s revolutionary “twin free-kick” routine fails miserably

Just like they drew it up!

Levante found themselves down 1-0 to Villareal in the final minutes of stoppage time this past Saturday when the perfect chance for a late equalizer presented itself - a free kick roughly 20 yards out from goal. But rather than attempting a straightforward, direct free kick with a point on the line, Levante’s Victor Casadesus and Ruben Garcia decided this was the perfect opportunity to try out a cunning, new playground routine.

Both players ran up to the ball simultaneously looking to deceive the wall and goalkeeper, which sounds like a good idea. But apparently they failed to tell each other who was supposed to actually kick the ball, and so they both did, resulting in this miserable fail (not to mention zero points for Levante.)

Communication is key, lads.

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Hoffenheim mascot’s head falls off during celebration

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Hoffenheim had plenty to smile about this weekend after putting six goals past Wolfsburg, but there was one giant buzz kill: Hoffi the Moose, the team’s mascot, literally lost its head while celebrating one of the goals.

After Anthony Modeste made it 4-1 Hoffenheim just before halftime, Hoffi sprinted over to celebrate with the players but clumsily tripped over the advertising board, causing his head to fall off. Every child in attendance immediately had their perception of reality crushed to a pulp.

Watch the tragic incident below:

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Kasimpasa’s Ryan Donk uses second ball to stop opponents’ attack

As comedian Dave Chappelle might say, “I’m sorry, Mr. Referee, I didn’t know I … couldn’t do that.”

During a Turkey Super Lig match between Kasimpasa and Besiktas, Kasimpasa defender Ryan Donk blatantly stopped a Besiktas attack by throwing a second ball at the ball in play. Even better, Donk then had the nerve to claim his innocence after receiving a yellow card for the stunt.

Dude, you carried another ball and then threw it at the match ball. That’s illegal, as far as we know.

Somehow, that wasn’t even the ballsiest move of the game.

In the second half, with Kasimpasa up 2-1, a fan ran onto the field and punched down a Besiktas player, before getting gang-tackled by several players from the home team:


CFR Cluj submit weirdest goal of the year

In football, we occasionally encounter golazos scored from 50 yards out, or see unthinkable fails from just a few feet away. But have you ever seen both happen in just a matter of seconds?

On Monday, CFR Cluj fans went from stunned to downright flabbergasted after defender Vasile Maftei whiffed at a ball in the six-yard box, only for his teammate Damjan Dokovic to inexplicably score from forty yards just moments later.

After Maftei’s brutal miss, Cluj got the ball back out around the halfway line. Dokovic seemed to simply try to boot it back up-field into the danger area, but his ball ended up taking a generous hop and bounced over the goalkeeper for an incredibly lucky opening goal.

Profiting from this bizarre twist of fate, Cluj went on to beat Sageata Navodari rather comfortably, 6-1.

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#TBT: The biggest Turkey there ever was

Tomislav Piplica is a legend in Germany, for all the wrong reasons.

The video above will explain. It’s the kind of clip that will make you re-evaluate what is truly possible in life. And it’s perfect for Turkey Day, as he might be one of the biggest the sport has ever seen.

Care for seconds?

Check out this compilation of Piplica’s greatest misses, which will only make you irrationally mad that he somehow lasted an entire six seasons in the Bundesliga.

Right? How mad are you right now? Legend.


Home Run!? Chelsea player shoots ball right out of the park

Every once in a while, a shot is hit so badly off the mark, shanked so sky-high that the TV announcer will joke, “This one’s hit to the moon!,” or “This shot’s off to (insert geographic location outside the grounds here)!”

Well this weekend, Chelsea loanee Gael Kakuta literally blasted a ball out of the stadium.

Kakuta, who along with fellow Blues player Lucas Piazon is on loan at Eredivisie leaders Vitesse Arnhem, scored in the team’s 3-0 win over the Go Ahead Eagles (that’s actually their name; take note, Hull City Tigers, it could be worse) on Sunday.

Perhaps brimming with optimism after that goal, Kakuta went for a long-distance shot just ten minutes later. Unfortunately, this time he launched the ball straight out of the (admittedly tiny) 8,000-seat De Adelaarshorst grounds. A lucky, unsuspecting passer-by then scooped up the ball and happily went on his way with what could be an excellent present just in time for the holiday season.

Shouldn’t something like this only happen in baseball?

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Never seen an own goal from fifty yards out? Here’s your chance!

In a German fourth-tier match against 1860 Munich’s reserves team, FC Schweinfurt midfielder Stefan Seufert managed to score a stunning own goal from just about the halfway line!

Whether Seufert was attempting a clearance, a long back-pass to his goalkeeper, or mixed up which half of the field his team was defending in we’ll never know. We are fairly certain, though, that Seufert can lay claim to the longest own goal of the year.

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Freiburg keeper achieves rare hat-trick of howlers


Dazed and confused: Baumann can’t believe his own performance (Image: Getty)

Being a goalkeeper is a tough gig. Either you’re the hero, or the zero.

In Oliver Baumann’s case, it was clearly the latter on Sunday. Though Freiburg lost 3-0 to Hamburg — a scoreline that would indicate thorough domination by the away side — it was Baumann who practically determined the outcome by himself, committing three gruesome errors that lead to all three goals.


Perhaps Baumann was just in the Halloween mood and tricked all the home supporters? Because that’s some scary-bad goalkeeping.

Baumann, Freiburg’s captain and actually one of the better goalkeepers in the Bundesliga last season, will want to erase this game from his memory as soon as possible. He should expect, however, to be tested with a lot more long balls for the rest of the season!


Süper Lig defender wrongly thinks ball is out of play, leads to goal

NOTE: Fast-forward to the 2:30 mark

A defender’s disastrous lack of judgement sealed Eskişehirspor’s victory over Kasımpaşa in the Turkish Süper Lig this weekend.

With Eskişehirspor up 1-0 late in stoppage time, Kasımpaşa’s Ryan Donk saw a high-arching ball bounce near the touchline and heading out of play. With his side desperately searching for a last-minute equalizer, Donk quickly turned up-field to find another ball to throw in to his teammates.

But alas, Donk failed to realize that the original ball took a devilish bounce and somehow stayed in play!

With the defender nowhere in sight, Eskişehirspor gladly accepted the gift. Former West Ham striker Diomansy Kamara finished off the 2-on-1 breakaway to close out the match in bizarre fashion.

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