Homeland hero Shinji Kagawa disgraces himself at open practice

Manchester United enjoy a massive fan following wherever they go, but perhaps no region is more enthusiastic about the Red Devils than the Far East. In Japan particularly, United draw a great deal of support after having acquired national icon Shinji Kagawa, who last year became the first Japanese player to win the Barclays Premier League.

So just imagine the disappointment fans endured while watching Kagawa embarrass himself at an open practice session in front of thousands in Yokohama.

Manager David Moyes had his team finish the practice with a simple shooting competition, with every player taking turns testing the goalkeepers from the edge of the box. Those who scored got to hit the showers, but those who failed had to keep going until one last, unlucky man remained.

That man: Kagawa of all people.

We’re not sure if Moyes planned any punishment for coming in last, but we’re thinking Kagawa got off after disgracing himself in front of his own people.

(From 101GG)


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