Attention! Dogs in World Cup jerseys

Does it get any cuter than each country’s “national dog” pictured in their respective World Cup jerseys?

The answer of course is no, it doesn’t. So here it is. This is just the kind of hard-hitting World Cup coverage you can expect from us here at the FOX Soccer Blog.

Most of these are perfect, from the Chihuahua in the Mexico kit to the Dalmatian in the Croatia shirt (is that the origin behind their patterned kits ?). And though we understand the French Bulldog for France … shouldn’t Les Bleus be represented by a poodle?

Are there any dog lovers out there able to name all of the breeds shown? Let us know!

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Naughty pup eats QPR fans tickets for playoff final

It’s not very often that the excuse of “my dog ate my homework” can actually be used. But, for one unlucky Queens Park Rangers fan, his pup really did eat something very important!

Saffa Michail was beside himself after his dog destroyed his tickets for QPR’s playoff final against Derby at Wembley Stadium on Saturday.  It’s safe to say Michail was less than pleased with the dog, telling several people on Twitter that he wanted to kill him (thank goodness he was half-joking or this would be a very different story).

Luckily for him, the club was able to step in and make sure his tickets were reprinted without issue — and he got a tweet from a QPR player, too:

While Michail is thankful the situation was sorted by the club, we’re certain the most relieved being in this whole situation is the naughty pup who surely avoided any further reprimanding. Plus, he’s pretty darn cute. Hard to be too mad at him, right?

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Puppies invade pitch in Bolivia, but player ruins the fun

Now if this isn’t just a little bit of a cute overdose, we don’t know what is. Apparently bored with the goings-on of a match between The Strongest and Universitario in the Bolivian top flight, a few puppies decided to take to the field and play a game of their own.

Unfortunately for the three pups, an angry Universitario player didn’t enjoy their precious little romp. He snatched at one of the furry pitch invaders, wrestling with it for a bit. Not one to let a fun time be ruined, the pooch seemed to fight back, possibly even nipping the human-sized buzzkill.

That’ll teach him not to use his hands!

Luckily for humanity (and probably the player, lest he be taped harming an innocent puppy), a saintly ball boy intervened before the player escalated the incident.

The lesson here: puppies are the cutest and you should just let them play.

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This dog does NOT approve of Lionel Messi, Barcelona

Real Madrid versus Barcelona is always a must-see affair. All you need to boil Spanish football’s most intense rivalry down to is this: Cristiano Ronaldo against Lionel Messi.

If you want proof, look no further than the pooch in the video above.

Mention Cristiano Ronaldo and the pup is as calm as can be. But Lionel Messi? That gets the dog quite agitated. Clearly this canine is a huge Barca hater. It even growls at Sergio Busquets’ name!

Wow. We knew the bad blood between Barca and Real ran deep. But who knew the blood was rabid?

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Who let the dogs out!? Four-legged pitch invaders make for wild weekend

What the bark is going on around here!?

On the same weekend a husky interrupted a pitch over in England, two videos have trickled out of South America showing more dogs running wild.

In a Brazilian Paraense match (Para state championship division), between Remo and Paysandu, one furry pitch invader couldn’t resist getting in on the action, successfully breaking up a Remo attack. The players couldn’t get mad at it, though. Just look how cute it is pouncing around!

And at least that canine didn’t leave a deposit right in the six-yard box.

Yup, that’s exactly what happened over in Argentina’s first division.  During Rosario Central’s game against River Plate, a dog literally ran on the pitch, took a squat right in front of the Rosario goal, and went Number 2 without a care in the world:

Man, it must be so sweet to be a dog.

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Husky invades pitch, delays start to League One match

English football had problems with Mother Nature this past week, with several matches being delayed or suspended due to extreme weather. But on Sunday, it was a dog that briefly held up a League One fixture between Crewe and Brentford.

Just as the teams were set to kick off, a large husky ran onto the pitch at Gresty Road, to the amazement of everyone involved.

We’ve seen plenty of animals — from chicken to squirrels — get lost on a soccer pitch before, but a husky is a first!

image(Picture: Reuters)

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San Lorenzo captain booked for walking his dog onto the pitch

In what is very likely to be the earliest booking handed out in the history of world football, San Lorenzo’s Pablo Alvarado was shown a yellow card minutes before their clash against Boca Juniors. The reason? Alvarado brought his dog onto the pitch prior to kick-off!

Apparently, the San Lorenzo captain thought that his side was in need of a proper club mascot, and decided his dog was the perfect fit. However, the referees deemed that to be time-wasting… even though the match hadn’t started yet. Speculation has it the match officials are fervent cat-lovers.

Fortunately, it remained Alvarado’s only booking on the day, and San Lorenzo went on to win the game, 1-0.

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Real life Air Bud? Dog scores in pick-up game

We’re not exactly sure where this video originated, but Argentinian TV may have found a real life version of the sports-loving family dog “Air Bud!”

As you can see, this mongrel makes an excellent far post run before flicking the ball into the net with the back of his adorable, furry head. Superb effort, a true poacher! However, we feel obligated to point out that our hero may or may not have been slightly offside here.

Video: Que Vuelvan los Potreros/TyC Sports


Busted: Recent Real Madrid signee Isco has a dog named Messi


In the words of Ricky Ricardo, Real Madrid’s Isco “has some splainin’ to do.”

Unless you have been living under a rock, it’s pretty clear that Real Madrid fans and Barcelona fans do not get along and do not like each other one bit. Just imagine if one of your star players actually liked the opposing team.

It has been revealed by Barcelona newspaper El Mundo Deportivo that not only is Isco a lifelong Barcelona fan, he also has a dog named Messi.

Moreover, he revealed his dislike for his new club back in 2009:

”I’ve always been a bit antimadridista and I still am. I have the feeling it’s an arrogant club, and without humility you don’t get anywhere.’‘

Isco’s Real Madrid unveiling just turned into must-watch TV.

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This video had us seeing red at FOX Soccer, the same color of the card rightly shown to Enzo Jimenez for the cruel way he treated a dog that ran onto the pitch during the clash between San Juan and Bellavista in Argentina. Now we know where the expression “it’s a dog’s life” comes from.