Ref abandons match in Peru after 5 players fake injury at the same time

There’s poor sportsmanship and then there’s just blatant game manipulation.

The latter appeared to be the case in a Copa Peru semi-final match between Defensor Bolivar and Defensor La Bocana.

According to local media, five players from Defensor Bolivar all feigned injury at the same time in an apparent attempt to get the game — which they were losing 4-1 — abandoned.

The referee had already sent two of Bolivar’s players off and with eight minutes left on the clock, he was forced to call the match. If the five players faking injury had left the field, Bolivar would have only four men on the pitch, and teams are required to field at least seven players.

The second leg of the cup tie is now in doubt and officials are trying to decide how to punish Bolivar. The winner of the series goes on to national competition.

Even better: Defensor La Bocana uploaded video of their opponents’ antics to YouTube. Check it out.

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Neymar shows his good and bad side vs. Colombia


Neymar returned to the Brazilian national team on Saturday against none other than Colombia, the side that ended his World Cup campaign, to the horror of an entire nation. 

Exacting revenge on Los Cafeteros, the Barcelona playmaker proved to be the same difference maker we’ve become accustomed to seeing and scored the only goal of the friendly, a lovely free kick in the 83rd minute:

However, Neymar also provided one of the low-lights of the affair.

As we all know, not only is Neymar a great footballer, but also a good actor. He showed off his skills once again by rolling over one or two too many times after a pretty routine foul:

C’mon, Neymar.

We love ya, kid, but please ease up on the theatrics.

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Coach takes dive after getting hit by snowball

Ashley Young, take a seat. Neymar? Watch how the real pros do it.

We’re talking about diving, of course, and it looks like we’ve found a new low. In a Cypriot league match between Anorthosis Famagusta and Omonia Nicosia, a member of the Anorthosis coaching staff took a tumble for the ages after getting hit with snow from the opposing fans midway through the game. It wasn’t even a real snowball for goodness’ sakes!

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Spanish police blasted with calls for robbery after Real Madrid’s scandal win

Real Madrid beat La Liga new boys Elche on Wednesday under plenty of criticism, and by criticism we mean over a hundred outraged Elche fans reported Real to the national police for robbery:

Translation: “We have received >120 mentions of football in the last ten minutes … Remember, we try to help you on SAFETY”

So, were Elche really robbed? You be the judge.

The newly promoted side scored a shock equalizer in the 89th minute to get on the verge of a major upset, but then Real Madrid was saved by the bell — or this case, the whistle of referee César Muñiz — as Madrid’s Pepe was awarded a highly questionable 91st minute penalty (which Ronaldo converted for the match-winner)

Watch as Pepe gets rewarded for literally taking down his opponent:

Sure looks like highway robbery, but to others, the conclusion of the match resembled more a slapstick comedy. Take Barcelona’s Gerard Pique, for example.

That translates into: “Watching a comedy film on Canal+ Liga. Always going well at this time of night!”
Touche, Pique. Touche.

Countering the Barcelona man’s neg, however, Real’s Álvaro Arbeloa stuck with the comedy theme and took a stab at Barca’s tendency for similar theatrics:

Meaning: “Very happy with the 3 points! I’m glad that some change from theater to cinema, that is always good!”

Ahh yes, good ol’ rivalry banter. So, when’s the first Clasico?


This is why Matt Besler will miss Tuesday’s WCQ vs Mexico

Three members of the US Men’s National Team earned themselves a suspension on yellow card accumulation Friday night against Costa Rica. Jozy Altidore, Geoff Cameron and Matt Besler are all ineligible for tomorrow’s clash against Mexico, but no suspension has caused as much of a stir as that of Besler’s.

The defender received his yellow card for bumping into Ticos forward Joel Campbell late in the match and away from the action. The act was not caught by TV cameras, nor was it even seen by the match referee, but today video of the “foul” emerged, and it tells quite a different story. It appears that Campbell blatantly dove to the ground after brushing up against Besler, who was simply walking around minding his own business.

Understandably, Besler was irked by what he saw:

Campbell might want to keep a close eye on his mailbox the next few weeks. He should be receiving his “Best Actor” nomination from the Academy real soon.


Player drags ‘injured’ opponent off field, gets sent off immediately

After all of the time that has been wasted due to players milking injuries that may or may not be real, one player decided to take matters into his own hands.

In the 89th minute of a Chinese Super League match between Changchun Yatai and Shanghai Shenhua, Yatai was clinging to a 1-0 lead. After light contact, Yatai’s Matt McKay made it appear that he had suffered a rather serious injury.

In an effort to speed up the process, Shenhua’s Wang Shouting decided to physically drag his opponent off of the field. Both the opposition and the referee were not amused: Shouting was shown a red card and was sent off from the match.

After losing both Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba, falling into a financial crisis, and being charged with a six-point deduction for their part in a match-fixing scandal, Shanghai Shenhua may have hit a new low.


It gets more and more ridiculous every time you watch it.

Roma "tough guy" Daniele De Rossi attempted an absolute shocker of a dive in front of the referee in this weekend’s match against Chievo Verona. He pushed himself off Chievo defender Dario Dainelli and acted as if he had just been shot, and immediately collapsed to the ground.

Shameful is really the only way to describe this act. Thankfully, the referee didn’t have any of it, and it’s probably appropriate karma that Roma lost the match 1-0, which dented their chances to qualify for European competition next season.