Newly-wed Man United fan still the winner of the derby

Manchester United may have lost the derby against City on Sunday, but a United fan who recently married into a family of City supporters can still say he came out on top.

The fan — whose twitter alias is @aboycalledyoung — pulled an epic prank on his new in-laws while giving his wedding toast. Having lost his father the past year, he leads his in-laws into an emotional tribute to his old man before delivering the perfect punch line!

Later, the cheeky groom confirmed on twitter that this prank was indeed the best way he could think of to honor his father:

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Angelic tifos, great goals, fights - the Romanian derby had it all


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The Bucharest Derby, played between Romanian clubs Dinamo and Steaua Bucharest, is one of the most intense feuds in all of soccer. Though not as high-profile as the main rivalries in Europe’s top leagues, this derby features all the passion, anxiety and mutual hatred that make all local rivalry games so compelling.

On Sunday, the latest edition of “The Eternal Derby” delivered on all fronts. To begin, the home Dinamo fans unfurled a giant, awesome tifosi depicting Catalin Hildan and Florea Dumitriche, two former club legends that have passed on, rising up into heaven:

After the pre-match festivities, however, Dinamo fans had little to cheer about. It took Steaua defender Iasmin Latovlevici little more than four minutes to score this cracker of a goal, a stunning volley from long range: 

His celebration was almost as spectacular as the goal. First, Latovlevici hiked up his shorts to John Stockton’s level, then paraded around with the jersey of his teammate Paul Parvulescu, who was celebrating his birthday.

Defending champions Steaua would finish ruining Dinamo’s day, winning the derby 2-1 to remain undefeated in the early part of the season.

Sadly, the violent side of the rivalry also reared its ugly head. Ultras from the two teams got into a nasty fist fight in the stands that required intervention from riot police:

Par for the course for the Bucharest derby — one of the greatest in the game.


PSY performs at Coppa Italia, fans not impressed

Apparently, Gangnam style is still alive.

South Korea’s PSY performed his hit song at the Stadio Olimpico during the Italian Cup final pregame festivities, but it appears that Roma and Lazio fans don’t care too much for him.

He was booed throughout his performance and fans even tried to drown him out with their own chants (1:35) and light off fireworks (2:01) to cover up the noise. The rapper tried to ease the tension by yelling “I love Italy” in Italian, but he was met with even more boos (3:22).

Roma and Lazio fans may not agree on much, but at least they were able to come together and unite against a common musical enemy.