Too cute! James Rodriguez teaches daughter his World Cup dance moves


James Rodriguez became a household name this summer by winning the World Cup Golden Boot and securing a mega-million transfer to Real Madrid. Before all that, James also did countrywoman Shakira proud by breaking out some excellent dance moves after each of his World Cup goals.

And now, James is passing his talents on to his young daughter.

How cute is this:

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Either do Daniel Sturridge’s dance correct, or don’t do it at all

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If you hadn’t noticed, Daniel Sturridge has a very identifiable dance. It’s quite difficult to properly describe, but just watch a Liverpool or England game and you’re likely to see him bust it out, given his torrid scoring clip.

But with great success comes great responsibility, and Sturridge told the BBC he doesn’t want anyone doing his dance improperly.

"If someone does a dance that you’ve created, and they do it wrong, you look bad, no?" the Liverpool striker said. Makes sense! But fear not, he wants to give rhythm-less schmoes like us a tutorial.

Sturridge also hinted that the dance isn’t quite complete, noting something is in the “pipeline” for next season. Maybe the tutorial should wait until we know exactly what we’re up against.


Thierry Henry continues on-pitch hilariousness with dance

Perhaps fueled by the introduction of the new internet meme #Henrying, New York Red Bulls forward Thierry Henry continued his recent penchant for on-field antics.

During a weekend 1-0 win against FC Dallas, Henry reacted to a foul called against him by, well, apparently dancing.

We’re not sure exactly what Henry was trying to convey with his gyration, but it certainly was fun to watch.

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Neymar’s girlfriend shakes her stuff on live TV

Neymar’s girlfriend apparently moves just as well as her boyfriend.

Bruna Marquezine, the 18-year-old flame of Neymar, showed off some racy dance moves on the Brazilian celebrity dance show “Quadradinho de Quatro.” An actress since childhood, Marquezine is certainly used to being in the spotlight, but we’re not sure how Neymar will feel about this particular bit.

Some men might get a little uneasy about their girlfriend showing off the curves for all the world to see, especially with some creep grinding up on her.

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Do the Duck!

Someone’s gotta tell the Germans to stop dancing in public. Last month, it was Michael Ballack making a fool out of himself. This time, it’s Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker.

 Mertesacker and teammate Bacary Sagna were asked to entertain fans in Vietnam at an Arsenal fan party. One player came out unscathed (Sagna), while the other will struggle to shake off these images for a while.

Mertesacker rose onto the stage and began performing a bizarre duck-style dance, which we can only hope he was asked to perform! At least Per showed he knows how to have a good time.

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Carlos Tevez leaves Manchester, immediately starts dancing

With his transfer to Juventus recently confirmed, it’s no wonder that Carlos Tevez is in a mood for celebrating.

The former Argentine international joined Manchester City from Manchester United in 2009. Tevez helped play an integral part in City’s rise to power, while eventually becoming the club’s captain in the process.

Tevez, joined with his wife Vanesa Mansilla and two daughters, are seen on Argentine television dancing to “El Pasito de Luis Ventura” for who knows what reason. He might be a world class player, but those dance moves are definitely questionable in our book.


Michael Ballack confirms that white people can’t dance

Michael Essien’s “Game of Hope” event in Ghana allowed for some letting loose at a dinner banquet, with several pro players in attendance showing off their dance moves.

There was Emmanuel Adebayor stealing the show. Djibril Cisse and Essien, too, were breaking it down.

Then, out of nowhere, in comes Michael Ballack. who, well… who tries.


Jurgen Klopp sets players loose to party in Madrid


Beloved manager Jurgen Klopp could probably run for Lord Mayor of Dortmund right now after his Borussia Dortmund team secured their spot in the Champions League final. If he did, his players would likely be the first to sprint to the ballot boxes after he set them loose to party in Madrid on Tuesday night.

 “We play Bayern at the weekend, but we also have a day’s more rest than them, so I won’t deny the team that chance to go out and celebrate,” Klopp said after his side secured their spot in the Champions League final. “Nuri [Sahin] apparently knows his way around Madrid, or so I’ve heard. I’ll stay in the hotel and have a few beers there.”

“I’ll definitely not deny the players’ celebrations – what kind of muppet would I be if I did?”

If Klopp were Lord Mayor of Dortmund, his first order of business would definitely be to throw a big, beer-filled party. And there would be dancing. Lots of dorky, goofy dancing.



Report: Adil Rami sustained injuries performing Gangnam Style dance


According to multiple reports, Valencia’s defender Adil Rami sustained injuries dancing to Gangnam Style at a charity concert earlier this month. The French player reportedly suffered blisters which caused him to miss training sessions and Valencia’s match against La Liga side Espanyol last week.

Valencia supporters were not pleased with the news, going so far as demanding that Rami return his salary to the club. ‘It’s a joke – he has let his teammates down and should give back the money,’ wrote one angry Valencia fan on a web forum.

It remains to be seen which is more embarrassing: the fact Rami injured himself dancing or the fact that he was caught rocking to Psy’s internet sensation.

Here is footage of Rami’s infamous dance and injury: