Benjamin Aguero Maradona is already living up to his name

Things that most five-year-old kids are learning to do:

1) Tie their shoes

2) Share toys

3) Count to 10

4) Draw fridge art

5) Ride a tricycle

But not if your father is Sergio Aguero and your grandfather is Diego Maradona. No, instead, at age five you are learning to score golazos.

It’s probably too early to tell, but young Benjamin might have a future doing this soccer thing. Let the bidding begin!

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Dogs. World Cup kits. It does not get better than this.

There are two things in life that everyone loves: Pups and jerseys. So what happens when they are combined? Cuteness overload with excellent fashion sense and country pride:


Designer Alexander Campaz has come up with 32 dog jerseys for this summer’s World Cup, and is using Kickstarter to help produce them for the world.

And these aren’t just any old doggie kits. They’re special, just like the pups that will wear them — because we all know dogs deserve the best of the best.

The jerseys include:

-Fabrics used on professional jerseys (because dogs are as good as better than people)
-Active dry mesh (because it gets hot in the summer with all that fur!)
-Polyester mesh sleeves (because pups need flexibility for play time)
-Unique designs (because even dogs need to look fly at all times)

Basically, every dog should rock one of these this summer. Just look how happy this little pup is in his Brazil kit:


Photos courtesy of MyBroNYC and Alexander Campaz


Little boy interrupts Brazil friendly, Neymar handles introductions



At the end of Brazil’s 5-0 friendly win against South Africa in Johannesburg, a little boy ran onto the pitch looking to greet his idols, and sure enough, he got that chance! Despite security’s efforts to retrieve the “pitch invader,” Neymar ran over to the boy, picked him up, and introduced him to the entire team.

It’s precisely moments like this that give soccer its reputation as “The Beautiful Game.”


Photos: Getty Images


There is now video of the adorableness.


Husky invades pitch, delays start to League One match

English football had problems with Mother Nature this past week, with several matches being delayed or suspended due to extreme weather. But on Sunday, it was a dog that briefly held up a League One fixture between Crewe and Brentford.

Just as the teams were set to kick off, a large husky ran onto the pitch at Gresty Road, to the amazement of everyone involved.

We’ve seen plenty of animals — from chicken to squirrels — get lost on a soccer pitch before, but a husky is a first!

image(Picture: Reuters)

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Steven Gerrard put on the spot by 10-year-old Liverpool fan

In one of our favorite recurring segments, Kop Kids presents another sit-down interview with a young fan and a club superstar.

Here we see 10-year-old Reds fan Finn getting a chance to sit down with Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard.

Some highlights:

  • What Gerrard has on his Christmas list
  • Which players give Gerrard the most cheek
  • The England captain’s favorite actor is Robert De Niro
  • Gerrard can’t stand sprouts
  • Young Finn gets the exclusive on Gerrard’s breakfast
  • The boy actually has a pretty righteous shot!

The whole video is so darn cute that’s it worth watching by itself, but Finn actually gives a pretty informative interview. All we can say is: Enjoy!

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Iker Casillas reveals plans about future to adorable kid journalist


Image courtesy of Getty.

Ever since Iker Casillas lost his starting role at Real Madrid, questions have swirled about his future, but not much has been confirmed. We now know that Casillas is going to decide in roughly three months whether he’s staying with Los Blancos.

Who squeezed this information out of him? A child, of course.

The interview begins with a child asking him sweetly if he thinks Real Madrid are playing well. But it’s the next kid who steps up to the mic that asks the hard-hitting question.

"Would you like to stay at Real Madrid?"

Considering his surroundings — a publicity event with a bunch of young children — Casillas opens up and reveals how deeply he’s thought about his future.

He reiterated that he wants to stay at the club that he’s been with since he was little, Casillas admitted if things don’t change soon he may leave:

"As of now my decision is to stay and fight, to struggle and play every day. If I wasn’t sure about it I would have told the president I wanted to leave in September and that no matter what at Christmas. But I decided that I want to be part of this squad for a long time yet.

"That said, if the situation doesn’t change within three months, I’d say that I’ll be looking to leave."

If the Spanish international decides to leave, we can think of a club that is in the market for a goalkeeper (we’re looking right at you Manchester City).


Neymar melts hearts, brings girlfriend to tears with video message

Ahh, puppy love. So refreshing!

Barcelona sensation Neymar had a video message for his girlfriend, Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, who is participating on Brazil’s version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Neymar’s words of encouragement and love appear to have tugged on Marquezine’s heart strings, leading the 18-year-old actress to break down in tears.

What a guy! Usually Neymar brings opposing defenders to tears, but never like this.

Neymar quickly is becoming a real darling in the world of football. If the video isn’t enough, take a look at this photo of Neymar and his teammate Lionel Messi posing with their respective sons before Barcelona’s match vs. Real Sociedad on Tuesday night:

image(Photo: David Ramos/Getty Images)

Could one exciting pairing be the genesis for another at Barcelona? That remains to be seen a few years down the road with these two youngsters … but perhaps not THAT far down the road.

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Real life Air Bud? Dog scores in pick-up game

We’re not exactly sure where this video originated, but Argentinian TV may have found a real life version of the sports-loving family dog “Air Bud!”

As you can see, this mongrel makes an excellent far post run before flicking the ball into the net with the back of his adorable, furry head. Superb effort, a true poacher! However, we feel obligated to point out that our hero may or may not have been slightly offside here.

Video: Que Vuelvan los Potreros/TyC Sports


Retiring Player Assists Son For Goal In Farewell Match

After a career that included stops in countries as diverse as Italy, Spain and Turkey, Argentine playmaker Ariel Ortega returned home to put an end to a lengthy career, but not before passing the torch to his young son. Let the adorable-ness ensue.

Ortega, who began his career with Argentine club River Plate, was honored with a farewell match this past weekend. Former teammates and colleagues such as Romario and Javier Saviola took part. However, the real highlight was that Tomasito, Ortega’s young son, was included in the roster as well.

During the second half of the farewell match, Ortega found himself near the top of the 18-yard box while his son found an opening just in front of goal. Ortega passed the ball to his son, and Tomasito, with all the confidence of a long-time professional, slotted the ball past a diving goalkeeper.

The moment proved to be a bit overwhelming for Ortega, who began crying while embracing his son.

Here’s to a career just ending, and another just beginning.