Levski Sofia coach stripped of team’s jersey by angry fans

Being forced to strip off your shirt isn’t exactly the ideal scenario for one of your first days at work. But that’s precisely what happened to Bulgarian club Levski Sofia’s former manager, Ivaylo Petev.

Petev resigned from his post on Wednesday, after angry fans charged Petev at his unveiling for Levski, forcing the new manager to take off two layers of shirts with the Levski brand on them. Fast forward to about the 45-second mark to see the scene unfold.

The reasoning for the fans’ hostile (and ridiculous) actions? According to Reuters, the ultras believed Petev was actually a supporter of bitter rival club CKSA Sofia.

With the coach obviously dismayed, the rabid ultras shouted: “You’re not welcome here. Get up, undress the shirt and go. Levski will not play under you as coach,” per Reuters. They then stripped Petev of his shirts before letting the coach escape.

Never mind that that’s utterly insane, you might be asking where security was during all of this. Nowhere to be found, apparently. But we’re glad Petev got out of there before a potential loss to CSKA Sofia.

(h/t KCKRS and The Associated Press)


CSKA Sofia fans dig grave for club owners in middle of pitch


A group of CSKA Sofia ultras dug a grave in the middle of the pitch at Sofia’s Bulgarian Army Stadium in an effort to show their, umm, displeasure with the club owners.

The headstone reads “Titan,” which is the name of the owners’ company, a Bulgarian firm that specializes in waste management. Since taking over the club in 2008, the owners have repeatedly been the target of CSKA fan protests for their perceived mismanagement of the club. Indeed, the club finds itself in dire straits financially. Just last season, CSKA avoided a three-year European ban due to debt-related issues.

Maybe the ultras’ message is a little extreme, but it certainly gets the point across.

Image via: World of Sport


Nothing cheers us up more than the sight of a coach throwing a hissy fit. This one is priceless. Antoni Zdravkov, the manager of Bulgarian side Botev Vratsa, went ballistic when the referee sent off one of his players for handball in his area during the clash with CSKA Sofia. Zdravkov grabbed the ref’s cards, ‘booked’ him and then threw all the cards away. Zdravkov, we love you.